Meditation classes at omland yoga


Stav Journeying and Sound Meditation

Join Minta Carlson in a guided sound meditation and journey through the nine worlds. As a group, participants come together in creating a web of sound through stick rhythm. Minta uses the norse roots tradition to map an inner landscape and the archetypes of the Norse mythological system to support a transformative meditative experience.

The Volva Stav method of journeying is shamansitic in method, and reconstructed from the Norse spiritualist system. More information on the tools included can be found here:

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Hlif Meditation Series

hlif: “breath” the norse healing goddess of breathing || under the moon, we set intentions. under the sun we are ecstatic.

Join Minta Carlson in their bi-montly moon meditation series. Working from ayurvedic, norse mystic, and neutral polarity understanding of the energetic body, Minta leads her students in counterbalancing their internal energies through astrological discussion, intention setting, and deep guided meditation. This reflective experience is intended to balance internal and external influences to bring students to a deeply nurturing neutral healing space.

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