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The Earth Awakens - Spring Equinox in the Polish Tradition

with Gabriela Sarna Wiraszka

March 21st, 2 pm EST

(Class with be Recorded for All Registrants!)


Observing the Spring Equinox in Poland like in many other Slavic countries is rooted in celebrating the awakening of the sleeping earth. During this class we will explore the customs, practices and celebrations that have survived for hundreds of years and are still present in Polish culture. We will talk about decorated eggs called Pisanki and their symbolism and deep connection to fertility, divination and protection. We will look at the elements of fire and water and their magical significance during this time. Most importantly, we will spend some time talking about Mother Earth and the two Goddesses who represent Her - Marzanna and Dziewanna, and their seasons of Winter and Spring. 


With an emphasis on the Spring season we will look at a layer of Polish magic that is deeply influenced by the people who were most intimately connected to the powers of place and earth. People who had a close relationship with Mother Earth and depended on Her gifts for their survival and well being. Folk magic still exists, interwoven with Catholic and East Orthodox practices, because of the villagers and farmers who maintained their relationship with the elements and Spirits of the Land and Earth. 


Gabriela was born and raised in Poland and immigrated to the US in 1989. She is an artist, storyteller and practitioner of Slavic and European Folk magic. She is committed to share, research and help preserve the knowledge of folk healing traditions and beliefs from Poland and Eastern Europe. To find out more about Gabriela’s healing practice, please visit Gabriela is also co-hosting a myths and stories podcast with Betsy Bergstrom and Sea Gabriel called Saga Kraft -



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