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The Bathhouse

Nordic Sauna Traditions

with Kari Tauring

March 31st, 7 pm EST

(Class with be Recorded for All Registrants!)


Sauna in Finnish, pirts in Latvian, banya in Russian, badehus in Norwegian...the bath house was a central and extremely important part of all village life for our Nordic ancestors, and still is!

In this workshop we dig into the mythic nature of ice and fire, including runes. Let's  uncover the roots of cleanliness in Norse tradition and answer the question, why is Saturday a washing day? We will learn two instructive sauna songs (mp3s provided). As a community gathering place we will begin to understand the many social functions of the bath house. Finally we will explore herbal healing with the bathing traditions of Nordic peoples. Students will come away with a new ideas for their own bathing rituals that are rooted in the ancient past!


Kari Tauring is a Nordic root musician, cultural educator, and spiritual leader from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Raised in a Norwegian American extended family, Kari began studying runes and Norse mythology and cosmology in 1988. She pioneered the Nordic root spiritual system called Völva Stav (the staff carrying woman's staff) in 2003 and began teaching it in 2006. A somatic system that locates Norse cosmology and mythos within the body and expresses this through staff rhythm, breath, and voice using, four workshops through Needfire Academy lay the groundwork. Her musical recordings, rune book, and other writings available on


$20 Drop-In - $16 for Troll Club Members.