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The Folklore of Knitting, Spinning and Weaving

with Mark Norman

January 17th, 1 pm EST


The Folklore of Knitting, Spinning and Weaving. This 60 minute illustrated presentation will examine one of the oldest of rural crafts and look at traditions, superstitions and customs associated with wool and thread. From Egyptian Gods to Knitting Patterns, and from Knot Magic to Yarnbombing, there will be something here to please every crafter's curiosity.


Mark Norman is a folklore author and researcher, and the creator of The Folklore Podcast. Free to listen to online via podcast apps or on the website at The Folklore Podcast, this show is globally placed within the top 10% of shows in it's genre, having been downloaded and enjoyed by almost 1.2 million people.


Mark holds the UKs largest archive of material on ghostly black dog apparitions in folklore and is the author of "Black Dog Folklore" (Troy Books, 2015) and "Telling the Bees and other Customs" (The History Press, 2020). He writes a regular newspaper column and has contributed to countless websites, magazines and books.


Participants also get $5 off purchase Mark Norman's book, "Black Dog Folklore," and any other book in our literary collection with an emailed recording of the class.

$20 Drop-In - $16 for Troll Club Members.