Rune Readings, Spellwork and Magic Consulations

Folk magic has been culturally disregarded for a number of decades in the US. While traditional beliefs and practices have remained, they have done so quietly and behind closed doors. In the recent years there has been a resurgence for respect and belief of folk magic and spiritual aid that has drawn practitioners more confidently into the public view.

We offer a number of services by appointment that fulfill this traditional roll. Needfire offers support, tools and instruction for performing spellwork, rune readings for the best path ahead or possible outcomes, and full spellwork services. 

The Practitioners

Needfire owner Araminta Karlsson is trained and works professionally as a folk magician and Trollkunning. Trained in Nordic Folk Magic as a former apprentice of Johannes Gårdbäck and rune reading techniques by Kari Tauring, Araminta combines natural magical proclivity with ancestral Trolldom and Nordic folk animism in their magical practice. Minta's focal services are curse breakings, luck, love, road openings, empowerment, protections, spirit work, cleansings, rune readings and rituals. 

Magic Consultation

For those looking to start or deepen their practice from a perspective informed by Nordic Magic, Araminta can be booked Wednesday - Saturday for one on one consultations at $80 per hour.

What might indicate in a client a need for folk magic services? 


Clients typically seek out spellwork services when something in their life feels blocked, off, or out of control. One may also have a specific desire or goal in mind - get the job, find a partner, find a house, etc.*

All services start with a reading, either 30 Minutes ($55) or 1 Hour ($80). Spellwork clients are then quoted a price for additional work after the reading, or if they are doing the work themselves, they will be given instructions and product recommendations following the reading. Contact minta[@]needfirewellness.com or fill out our contact form below. Prices of spell services range based on complexity. Visit our Shop for spellkits and premade cleanses.

*These services are meant to directly influence the energies and spirits abundant in the world, and are not intended to be a replacement for standard medical or psychiatric care. If a prospective client is facing a medical condition, our practitioner recommends they seek out medical attention as a primary treatment. Readings and divinations are not replacement for a formal medical diagnosis.