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    Troll Club HANDCRAFTED RITUAL GOODS For every witch SWEDISH MAGIC TOURS NEEDFIRE ACADEMY Click the arrow NEW ARRIVALS John Bauer Tarot Deck $24.99 Price Tjärved Smoke Wand $5.00 Price Monthly TrollKit $25.00 Price FOLLOW NEEDFIRE APOTHECARY ON INSTAGRAM

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    Practicing the Record What is a Magical Record? ​

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    Nornic Spinning $20 Book Now Zoom Classes

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    is committed to offering high quality supplies, information, and learning experiences for magic practitioners. The Needfire team believes that magic practice is an internally enriching and transformative endeavour that can look very different dependant on practitioner. We make every effort to offer a range of knowledge and products for the practical witch, magician, or otherwise. Needfire Wellness & Apothecary Needfire pays particular care to offering opportunities for learning and practicing nordic folk magic and folk roots tradition. We host educational experiences, including several online workshops by and live workshops in and around the Portland, ME area. Kari Tauring ​ In addition to our domestic workshops, Needfire has collaborated with author of to offering immersive travel experiences and magic workshops in Sweden starting Summer 2020. Johannes Gårdbäck , Trolldom: Spells and Methods of the Norse Folk Magic Tradition, ​ Needfire Wellness recently expanded to offer an online esoteric apothecary, spellwork and magical resource shop. Initially spell kits, materials, books and runesets will be offered, with inventory expanding to herbs, supplements, and more in the near future.

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    Custom Spell Kits Many witches want to take spellwork into their own hands, but just don't know where to start. Our custom spellkits include a consultation, in which we discuss the situation and desired results. Using small batch products and vintage packaging, no two spellkits are the same. They are entirely tailored to the client. The often include ritual supplies, sigils, ritual bathing products, smoke wants, anointing oils, and candles. ​ Simple: A basic intention setting spell or ritual. Typically includes a blessed candle, bundled herbs, vial of oil and sigil. ​ More advanced than our Simple Kit, the Rituals are a great choice for anyone. They include more supplies and instructions, and are popular for beginning to work with ancestral spirits or focused spellwork. Ritual: ​ We can customize and design an altar set up for you, intended for a regular practice and includes candle holder, cloth, stones, candles, and smoke cleansing supply, along with other custom aspects. Altar: Simple Spell Kit $75.00 Regular Price $45.00 Sale Price View Details Ritual Spell Kit $100.00 Regular Price $70.00 Sale Price View Details Altar Kit $150.00 Regular Price $120.00 Sale Price View Details Have a Question? Contact Us. Thanks for submitting! Submit

  • Spiral Ring Notebook- Watercolor Paper- Horizontal B6 | Needfire Wellness

    Home This pleasant look and feel. The notebook uses watercolor paper that is specifically designed to bring out the colors of the paint. The lightly textured paper also works well with pencil and ink. A blank kraft cardstock cover and brass spiral ring binding complete the understated style and give the notebook a sense of longing for an old-fashioned adventure to the far corners of the Earth. Use it as an art journal or sketchbook, or to compose collages of tickets and photos. Features: 40 pages of watercolor paper (20 sheets). Brass spiral ring binding. Protective cardstock cover with small swan embossed on front cover corner. Spiral Ring Notebook- Watercolor Paper- Horizontal B6 $11.00 Price Quantity Add to Cart Related Products Quick View Spiral Ring Notebook- Watercolor Paper- Horizontal B6 Price $11.00 Quick View Window Envelope B6 Spiral Ring Notebook Price $11.00 Quick View Reversal Chime Candles Price $2.50 Quick View Stubby Beeswax Witches Hat Candle Price $2.50 Quick View Spiral Ring Notebook- Watercolor Paper- Horizontal B6 Price $11.00 Quick View Window Envelope B6 Spiral Ring Notebook Price $11.00 Quick View Reversal Chime Candles Price $2.50 Quick View Stubby Beeswax Witches Hat Candle Price $2.50

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    Contact Us! Have a question about our products, educational experiences or about booking one of our services? Drop us a line. Submit Thanks for submitting!

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    APOTHECARY Needfire sells ethical folk magic supplies and ritual goods for practitioners of any level. ​ If you would like custom made products, please contact us!

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    Kari Tauring free-form duo-vocal chant is timed in nine seconds for each rune of the 24 Elder Futhark. It was compiled and enhanced with stav by Timothy Bielec to the runic info-graphics of Minta Karlsson created for the Needfire Academy class, "The Runes: A Deeper Journey." ​ ​ ​ A preview to the type of content students can expect on Kari Tauring's classes, hosted on Needfire Academy. Interested in learning more? Click through the links below to see Kari's variety of offerings, from her weekly Stav & Stretch Live Zoom Classes to her wonderful complete online course series. ​ Stav & Stretch ​ Frith & Grith ​ Runes: A Deeper Journey ​ Soul Parts & Healing

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