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    • Reflections on Gifu

      A nother Monday, another rune pull! Runes have been quite a theme in my life the last two weeks, and I think it’s worthwhile to restate the intentions of these posts. I’m writing reflections of the runes as they come to me in the moment - informed by but not exactly their traditional meanings. Not the way I might use them in magic, nor even the deepest of my meditations with them. Rather, these are all reflections and musings to carry with you through your day, and offer more support in your own practice of exploring your own associations with the Elder Futhark. Today I pulled Gifu or Gebo - a very familiar rune for me. Gifu or “gift” creates a good foundation for this rune, but what does gift mean? The way I was trained and instructed in working with spirits, and nordic folk roots, there is an unspoken reciprocity in gift giving. For every gift given, so is there an equal balancing action or offering. There is such thing as “too much” of a gift, something that is too much of a burden for the receiver, in their effort to offer balance. I often think of Tomten when I think about Gifu. The little guardian of the house, who helps with the children and animals, and takes his job very seriously. Each year at Jul we give him his pay - porridge and butter, and maybe a bit of ale. If you're like me, and your Tomte works every day, perhaps you offer him a little more often, something to drink or eat. But, the legends say, do not offer him clothes, or else he may think he runs the house now! And so you see, the nature of exchange and gifts that are too big. In that way, there is a contractual nature to Gebo. And for me, it also brings up the idea of a boundary - “if this threshold is crossed, so shall the one crossing be unburdened of all lies and so shall I speak the truth in equal measure.” In my own American culture, X, the symbol for Gifu, is entrenched in meaning. X marks the spot. X, a cross in the road. X, you shall not pass! X, a signature in lieu of a given name. X - stand here. What I like about this rune is that it is so adaptable. It absorbs meanings and offers countless more in exchange. Do you need a guard? X!!! Do you need a direction? X!!! Do you need permission? X!!! Do you want to know where you are? X!!! However, heed this note: be thoughtful of the runes that tell so many stories, and remember that each gift will require an exchange.

    • An offering to the forest...

      Something a bit fun while the veil is thin. We recommend doing this with a friend present. What you will need... - Wood shavings or our Ranrike Rökelse Incense Blend - Red Beeswax Chime Candle or Red Stubby Taper - Breton Sea Salt, or other Sea Salt - A tray to create a small altar on - Snake Skin - A Song - An offering of food, honey, or something shiny - A Candlestick - Juniper Smoke Cleansing Wand or Tjärved The intention of this spell is to create a good connection with the nature spirits where you live. Needfire cannot recommend further work with nature spirits, however were one to use this spell with that intention, it would be a start. Find a place on the boundary between wilderness and civilization. For some that would be a yard on the edge of the wood, others might go deep into a camping place. Unless the reader is skilled in magic, we recommend not doing this during a camping trip. In our experience, it can be challenging to get a good night's rest outdoors, immediately following this working. Light a fire, either a small one in a new ceramic bowl or a small ritual bonfire. Add half the wood shavings our incense to the fire. Cleanse the site of the ritual with your smoke cleansing wand. Pick up your candle and carve your own name in it 3 times around the side. Place on the candlestick, in the center of the tray, and sprinkle a circle of salt and incense around the edge of the candlestick into a complete circle. Speak the words: As I stood on the edge of the world of humans I saw the faces of those who inhabit these woods. They spoke out to me, but I had heard the stories and knew that these creatures were nothing to be trifled with I asked the old women, who guarded these woods what to do and what to say... The first woman handed me a rose thorn candle more beautiful than I had ever seen. "Affix yourself to this rose, and it will protect you, whatever may come." The second woman handed me a wand of fir a sturdy staff strong and tall. "Hold this staff when you speak, and it will protect you whatever may come." The third woman offered salt and wisdom. "Make clear your boundary, bring gifts, do not go where they ask you to follow, Say "No," if they ask you to join them. Keep your wits about you." And so I went To the edge of the world of people To speak to the spirits that live in the trees. Light the candle, say the words: So long as this candle burns, so shall this link be open, and when it is blown out, so shall this work be released. As the fire is burning, speak out to the forest spirits. Explain why you are there, and offer them the gifts and a song. Sing out loud to them. (In fact, speak everything out loud.) You may have a conversation with them. Do not agree to stay with them if they ask you to, but let them know you are willing to speak with them as long as the red candle is lit. Let it burn as long as you want. They may blow it out if they are finished - if you want to prevent this, find a lantern to put the candle is that is more protected from wind than a candlestick. I recommend using this opportunity to express good will and friendly neighbor intentions. However, do what you will with it. When you are finished, blow out the candle, or if you just want to pause, snuff it out without blowing it. Use the lit juniper wand in one hand to clear yourself and your campsite of any lingering spirits afterwards.

    • Alfablót 2020

      Of Elves and Men Alfablót - Alfr = elves, blót = sacrifice. The sacrificial ceremony to honor the elves takes place on the full moon that starts winter. In Old Norse, the elves refer to nature spirits of all kinds. There are light elves who help things grow and who are guided by the god Freyr to bring fertility into the earth. There are dark elves who live beneath the earth, huldre, mound folk, and dwarves. There are utgard spirits such as giants who try to make their way into the farmyard for an easier go of it during winter months. There are household and farmyard spirits including Nisse (Tomte, Tontuu) who protect the barns, sauna, and other out-buildings from the dangers of the wild spirits that roam during winter. The world of spirit becomes more powerful in this dark time of year and the Wild Hunt for lost souls led by Odin and Freyja is a very dangerous time. October 14 is the Winter Side The Scandinavian Primstav calendar is a two sided stick. Prim is Latin for new moon and Stav is Scandinavian for staff or stick. One side marks the summer months and starts on April 14. The other side marking winter starts October 14. Primstav was an attempt to integrate important pre-christian land-based knowlege and traditions with the Gregorian calendar "month" dates and mandatory masses. While the Gregorian "months" do not actually follow the new moons, this year, 2020, they line up! October 14th was the new moon starting "Slaughter Month." It is time to cull the herds. Animals that are pregnant and only as many as we can feed are brought into the barns. The rest become sausage and dried meat for winter stores. Hides, bones, hoofs, and horns are processed. And it is time to supplement the meat supply with hunting. Alfablót takes place on the full moon of Slaughter month and in 2020, this happens to fall on October 31st. Call)ed Halloween, the evening of All Saints Day on the Christian calendar. Called Samhain (pron. Sao-ahn) in Celtic tradition. A family of origin ceremony Not much is known about this ceremony because it was a time for immediate family only. We know that from the story of Sigvatr Þórðarson, the court poet and marshall of King Olaf (Bloody Olaf as per the heathens he converted). The normal rules of hospitality were suspended at Alfablót. He was traveling and stopped at five different farms and was turned away! Unthinkable in a culture where "guest friendliness" was the law...except at Alfablót. The word for elf, álfr, is masculine. There is no feminine version. So in addition to honoring and asking the help and protection of nature spirits, this is a ceremony to honor the male deified ancestors, álfr. The female deified ancestors, disr, are honored with their own ceremonies towards the end of winter. Freyja is honored at Disablót as Freyr is honored at Alfablót. The god Ullr and goddess Skadi might also be honored here for the hunters. My Alfablót 2020 October has been a most unusual month in this most unusual year. Aside from COVID, economic and political crisis, and cultural uprisings, our family farm has been sold into another family's hands. This is the farm that my grandfather homesteaded. He had eighty acres and his twin brother had an adjoining eighty acres. My grandfather came to America in 1906 with his mother and father, brother, and little sister Karin who is my name sake. He went to the University of Minnesota to study agriculture and was a very earth-based person. He was the well finder (diviner) of Polk County, Wisconsin using willow sticks to find water for new wells on countless farms. When my mother asked why he didn't sell manure in town to make extra money he answered, "What comes from the farm must stay on the farm." He never used chemical fertilizers or other poisons. He died in 1957 but my grandmother kept the farm going and finished raising the children there. We kids spent every summer on the farm putting up hay for the horses we kept. We played in the creek and built forts in the woods. We brought our own children there to love the land that our grandparents loved. When grandma died in 1999, the farm passed into the hands of my sister and her partner. They raised bees, chickens, and rented the fields to organic vegetable growers and leased land to the Johnson family whose cattle, pigs, and sheep now free range where we once built our forts. They are a young couple, both with degrees in environmental studies, organic and sustainable practices, and with two little children who will now play in the creek. They took ownership of the farm on October 1st. Mom said grandpa would approve of them. And we can buy the meat they raise on our ancestral land. Also this October I found where Karin's grave is. She died in 1909, age 11, from a burst appendix. Ten years ago my mom and aunts located the grave in North East Minneapolis, not far from where I lived in my twenties. We went to find it again, in the paupers grave section. It's just a cement plug with #37 on it buried six inches beneath the sod. We uncovered it and made plans to get her a proper head stone come spring. I discovered her birthday was October 1st. This is why I am feeling the presence of my grandfather on so many levels in this month of Alfablot. I feel him in the thoughtful and sorrowful shift of his farm into other hands, the care and love we are showing his little sister after over 100 years of being an unknown in a potters field, and the roast I plan to cook in his honor that came from his own beloved land. I will pour some of the blood into the blot bowl, mix it with cider (he was a teetotaler so ale is not appropriate here), and wet my stone altar outside. I will make up a plate for him at my table and ask him to guide and protect our family in these dark, cold days. I will set out a saucer of coffee with a sugar cube, the way he liked it, and thank him for the gifts of protection, impeccable word, and love of the earth that he imparted in me without ever having met me. Finally, I will pay shild by donating to MIGIZI, a wonderful non-profit run by and for Native youth in Minneapolis whose building was destroyed in the uprising on Lake Street and whose land my grandfather farmed in a good and respectful way. Shild is debt in Old Norse. Alfablot is a good time to pay shild to those ancestors and spirits of the land that my ancestors settled in, Dakota and Anishinaabe. I am deeply grateful for these ancient ceremonies, keeping me balanced and connected in these intense and unsettling times. For a deeper read... About MIGIZI For meat from my ancestral land Sign up for 2020 Alfablot with Kari Tauring!

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    • Magic Apothecary | Needfire Wellness & Apothecary | United States

      A Needfire is an old story. It is the kind of fire you use flint and steel to start. You must tend to it, care for it, build it. It is a ritual. It is an expression of will. ⠀ We are a brick and mortar in Portland Maine, but we are more than that. We are a community of folks who love and live ethical folk magic. We are a troll club. We are an apothecary. We could not be more excited that you're here on this journey with us. NEEDFIRE APOTHECARY SWEDISH MAGIC TOURS TROLL CLUB NEEDFIRE ACADEMY FOLLOW NEEDFIRE APOTHECARY ON INSTAGRAM

    • Häxan | Needfire Wellness

      The folk magic of the Nordic region calls to us through ancestral whispers. We study it, revel in the remnants left behind, and invoke its practices through study and magic. Häxan is created out of deep study and appreciation with hopes that it will inspire those who work with its products to deepen their practice and to enter the world of Trolldom. Häxan is a new collection created in collaboration between Johannes Björn Gårdbäck and Minta Karlsson. Through this collection, Needfire aims to revive and make available traditional tools of Nordic folk magic, referred to as Trolldom. Häxan is a part of Needfire's commitment to ethical folk magic, and anyone who practices such can find tools for their magical practice that they will find relevant and supportive. Trolldom is the folk magic in Sweden and the rest of the Nordic region. We pay particular attention to maintain a throughline from Pre-Viking to the modern age (early 1900s), and includes products that have survived the test of time in folklore. Gårdbäck is native to Sweden and has dedicated the last 25 years to preserving and teaching Nordic folk magic. All Häxan products are directly informed by Gårdbäck's work and research - much of which can be found on his website - - or his book, "Trolldom - Spells and Methods of the Norse Folk magic tradition". Karlsson is an apprentice of Gårdbäck and a student of Völva Kari Tauring, and CEO of Needfire LLC. Karlsson works to turn the raw material and vast knowledge provided by Gårdbäck into elegant and accessible Nordic magic materia for Häxan customers. Häxan plans to release their products Fall 2020, including Vätteljus, Terra Sigillata, Recreations of Traditional Scandinavian Apothecary Incenses, to name but a few. To get the first news of new products, fill out the form below to be added to our special mailing list! Quick View Ormägg - "Serpent Egg" Price $25.00 Quick View Ranrike Rökelse - Swedish Apothecary Incense Price $5.50 Interested? Join the mailing list and be the first to hear about new Häxan products. Submit Thanks for submitting!

    • Magic Apothecary | Needfire Wellness & Apothecary | United States

      Troll Club HANDCRAFTED RITUAL GOODS For every witch SWEDISH MAGIC TOURS NEEDFIRE ACADEMY Click the arrow NEW ARRIVALS John Bauer Tarot Deck Out of Stock Tjärved Smoke Wand $5.00 Price Monthly TrollKit $25.00 Price FOLLOW NEEDFIRE APOTHECARY ON INSTAGRAM

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