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  • Intro to Herbalism

    This course will cover introductory principles of herbalism, accessible to a beginner. Workshop 1 ( Sunday May23rd, 10 am EST - 1hr) Basic Principles- In this course we will discuss what an herbalist is, who can become one, and why plant based healing is a human right. Participants will gain an orientation to the many branches of plant based and folk healing modalities. This course will give an overview of the history of herbalism and why it is important. We will cover existing herbalist community resources and participants will be given a suggested reading list. Workshop 2 (Sunday June 13th, 10am EST - 1 hr) Ethics and Community Standards- In this course we review the ethics of herbalism. We will discuss how reparations make us better herbalists. This course will cover the concept of “rooted craftwork” and is designed as an experiential learning workshop. Future purchase of this video course will include the information to replicate this exercise. Workshop 3 (Sunday June 27th, 10am - 1 hr) Myths & Materials- In this course we will cover potential costs associated with herbalist study and ways to learn those skills at a lower price point. We will discuss container gardening and ways that herbalism can be practiced by those who already feel stretched thin with time, money, space, and spoons. These courses will cover introductory principles and ethics of herbalism, as well as resources and materials recommended to begin your journey into plant healing. Course includes a recommended reading list.

  • Learning the Art of Leathercraft Class 4

    Sunday, June 6, 2021 3pm - 4:30pm EST Lesson #4: Crafting a mason jar handle wrap, adorned with a bindrune for physical health and nourishment. The art of crafting with leather is one of the oldest skills in human history. Our ancestors have been working with this ancient material since before the earliest legends, and it has shaped us in a foundational, sacred way. Connect with your primal origins and learn how to carve, tool, sew, and burnish with detailed instruction. Let’s craft together around this online campfire, and remember our roots. The teacher of this course, Marin Cenwein Gardner, is the sole artist and leatherworker of Embercraft Creations. Throughout her 10 years of professional experience, she has striven to manifest myths and magic of centuries past into wearable art. Her work is carved with runes and symbols of power designed to help the wearer channel their inner intentions. Throughout this 5 month course, she will teach you how to make your own leather talismans, tools, and everyday items. Using your new Tool Pack, outfitted with all of the tools you need, you will learn all of the basic leatherworking skills and craft your own pieces from her simple pre-cut leather Crafter’s Kits. Each lesson will be centered around a different Crafter’s Kit, so you will successfully end each class with a finished work of functional art. You will be adorning your pieces with Nordic bindrunes, surrounded by historical Celtic Knotwork, therefore protecting your work with runic magic and sacred knot symbolism. You will learn how to sew leather by hand, with a traditional saddle-stitch. You will even learn how to burnish the edges to achieve that slick, sealed finish. And more importantly, you will learn the absolute satisfaction of making an item from start to finish with your own hands. All levels are welcome to join us in this virtual crafting circle. As well as the necessary Crafter’s Kit for each class, you will also need to purchase the Tool Pack, and have on hand the following items: Cutting board or countertop (Stone is recommended) Lighter Scissors Bowl of water Soft towel ***Kit not included in drop in rate. Sign up for just a single lesson, then purchase the corresponding Crafter’s kit from ***

  • Ritual Writing Workshop

    Words are powerful magic. Through storytelling, we can shift our own stories, heal, and move towards outcomes that we deeply want to manifest. In this four-week course, participants will create their own story or poem inspired by fairytales and myths. Each week will build on the next until we have four pieces that makeup one larger work. The weeks will be focused on: Week #1: Creation of Character Who is the main character of your story? Is it you? What is the mythic version of you? Who are you in the myth of your own life? Week #2: The Call to Action/Heeding the Call What compels someone to leave home? What can we find out when we venture into the great beyond? What can be discovered? Week #3: Leaving Home and Facing Tasks Every fairytale and myth consists of tasks or quests. These symbolic actions can be taken from our own lines and imbued in the text. Week #4: Returning, Changed When we return home, we have discovered something, something has shifted, what will we find? Each week will be an hour workshop that will include storytelling, folktales, prompts, magical thinking, and structures to inspire from fairytales and myths. This series will be a spell within itself and include both writing prompts and practical magic exercises and instructions to ground the work. All levels are welcome.

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  • The Magic of Bees

    By Kate Belew Bees and their craft are celebrated. Beeswax is a sort of gold. Not only in color, but also in its properties, and how it’s made. These time-honored traditions have deep roots in folktales and magic. Beeswax is a wonderful option for candles because beeswax has a beneficial impact on the air in a space. Beeswax releases negative ions as it burns. Airborne pollen, dust, and other pollutants carry a positive ionic charge. These are negated by the negative ions released by beeswax and fall to the ground. It's similar to a water filter. Because of this, beeswax is a kind of magic or a kind of alchemy. The wax itself is made from nectar that has been transformed. Female worker bees make the beeswax as they build the honeycomb. Forager bees bring the nectar back to the hive where they pass the nectar between bees. This reduces the water content. And voila! Beeswax. The British Bee Keepers Association estimates that bees need to visit 30 million flowers to produce a pound of beeswax. Bees are potent symbols in folklore and magic. Bees symbolize hard work; messengers between worlds, and in some tales symbolize life’s sweetness. One tale says that bees were created when the Egyptian God Ra cried and his tears were transformed into bees. Legend also says that the Oracle of Delphi claimed that the bees built the temple itself. Some stories claim that if you need to reach someone in the afterlife, a bee might be just the message carrier to do so. Bees contain multitudes, not only do they create natural sweetness, but they sting those that do them wrong. In the traditional custom of Telling the Bees, bees are honored by their neighboring humans. This folktale originates in European countries. In this lore, family members would tell the bees about important household events like marriages, deaths, births, and other salient occurrences. If the bees were not informed about happenings, then it was said that there would be some sort of punishment. The bees may stop producing honey, or leave the land altogether. As you light your beeswax candles, make sure to give thanks to the bees that carefully assisted in crafting them. Call in sweetness, reciprocity for all the hard work that has been completed, or to send a message between worlds. Shop our beeswax and candle collection here.

  • Ehwaz

    Ehwaz - the horse. Change, driven by connection and partnership. I often think about what the horse might have meant, when the runes were used by the old nordic folks we most associate with the early uses of the Elder Futhark. Horses were change making in those times - owning the horse was the difference between a quickly plowed field or travelling across great expanses of land in a short period of time. Horses allowed a person to stand taller, and they carried intelligence to make decisions in tandem of their rider. We're so used to riding cars, as a culture, we think of transportation as a tool. There were days when it also involved a relationship, a personality, and a being. What things in your life are you co-creating the future with? How do they carry you?

  • Algiz

    Algiz - A meditation in älgar ⠀ Like any tool, divination is about personal associations. We use lore and layered meanings to reveal truths, but ultimately what matters is the strength of that association within us.⠀ ⠀ When I pull Algiz, I think first of the elk. And it is true, it is often referred to as the elk rune. However, our understanding of what an elk is differs greatly from the concept of älg in Swedish which is the moose as Americans understand it. Since learning to speak, myself, I’ve found that internal association shift. I no longer see the elk herds, but rather the moose. The great king of the forest. ⠀ ⠀ The most famous imagery of the moose in Sweden is from Sagan om älgtjuren Skutt och lilla prinsessan Tuvstarr, The story of Skutt the moose bull and the Little Princess Tuvstarr. The imagery is classic, and even in America it is likely you are familiar with it - a tiny princess atop a great moose. While the story winds in different directions and creates many cautions for those wandering into the world of magic, it also presents to us solid associations for the moose.⠀ ⠀ The moose is a great ally. For me he represents strength, divine masculinity, and a connection to the magical world. However, there is an implied exchange and balance. Much like Freyr put down his sword to marry his Jötun wife, a movement toward wildness and a softening of traditional masculine power, so the moose must kneel so the princess can climb onto his back.⠀ ⠀ It also evokes for me associations with The Chariot in tarot lore. This idea of something supernatural that carries us forward. Do we hold on tight, and allow it to protect us and carry us? Or do you climb off, and run the risk of being enveloped by the world of magic and transfixed by it’s wonder? ⠀ ⠀ What is your spirit ally in grounding in protection as you travel through worlds, life, and in particular these times where happenings feel chaotic and overwhelming. What creatures are capable of carrying us, that we can call on? In what ways can we find a partner in our journey?⠀

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  • Häxan | Needfire Apothecary

    The folk magic of the Nordic region calls to us through ancestral whispers. We study it, revel in the remnants left behind, and invoke its practices through study and magic. Häxan is created out of deep study and appreciation with hopes that it will inspire those who work with its products to deepen their practice and to enter the world of Trolldom. Häxan is a new collection created in collaboration between Johannes Björn Gårdbäck and Minta Karlsson. Through this collection, Needfire aims to revive and make available traditional tools of Nordic folk magic, referred to as Trolldom. Häxan is a part of Needfire's commitment to ethical folk magic, and anyone who practices such can find tools for their magical practice that they will find relevant and supportive. Trolldom is the folk magic in Sweden and the rest of the Nordic region. We pay particular attention to maintain a throughline from Pre-Viking to the modern age (early 1900s), and includes products that have survived the test of time in folklore. Gårdbäck is native to Sweden and has dedicated the last 25 years to preserving and teaching Nordic folk magic. All Häxan products are directly informed by Gårdbäck's work and research - much of which can be found on his website - - or his book, "Trolldom - Spells and Methods of the Norse Folk magic tradition". Karlsson is an apprentice of Gårdbäck and a student of Völva Kari Tauring, and CEO of Needfire LLC. Karlsson works to turn the raw material and vast knowledge provided by Gårdbäck into elegant and accessible Nordic magic materia for Häxan customers. Häxan plans to release their products Fall 2020, including Vätteljus, Terra Sigillata, Recreations of Traditional Scandinavian Apothecary Incenses, to name but a few. To get the first news of new products, fill out the form below to be added to our special mailing list! Quick View Naverstad Rökelse - Swedish Apothecary Incense Price $15.00 Quick View Wesslunna Rökelse - Swedish Apothecary Incense Price $30.00 Quick View Naverstad Rökelse - Swedish Apothecary Incense Price $15.00 Quick View Wesslunna Rökelse - Swedish Apothecary Incense Price $30.00 Interested? Join the mailing list and be the first to hear about new Häxan products. We also offer wholesale on Häxan and Custom Candles - feel free to use this form to inquire about pricing. Submit Thanks for submitting!

  • Magic Apothecary | Needfire Wellness & Apothecary | United States

    Our Free St. Location is currently open By Appointment Only Book a Visit A Needfire is an old story. It is the kind of fire you use flint and steel to start. You must tend to it, care for it, build it. It is a ritual. It is an expression of will. ⠀ We are a brick and mortar in Portland Maine, but we are more than that. We are a community of folks who love and live ethical folk magic. We are a troll club. We are an apothecary. We could not be more excited that you're here on this journey with us. NEEDFIRE APOTHECARY SWEDISH MAGIC TOURS TROLL CLUB NEEDFIRE ACADEMY FOLLOW NEEDFIRE APOTHECARY ON INSTAGRAM

  • Rune Chant | Needfire Apothecary

    Kari Tauring free-form duo-vocal chant is timed in nine seconds for each rune of the 24 Elder Futhark. It was compiled and enhanced with stav by Timothy Bielec to the runic info-graphics of Minta Karlsson created for the Needfire Academy class, "The Runes: A Deeper Journey." ​ ​ ​ A preview to the type of content students can expect on Kari Tauring's classes, hosted on Needfire Academy. Interested in learning more? Click through the links below to see Kari's variety of offerings, from her weekly Stav & Stretch Live Zoom Classes to her wonderful complete online course series. ​ Stav & Stretch ​ Frith & Grith ​ Runes: A Deeper Journey ​ Soul Parts & Healing

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