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    Book an appointment and come on by! 3 people at a time please

  • Beeswax Candle Refill

    All you have to do is book an appointment, and bring with you any old candle jars that you have. When you book, you will be asked to put in a $10 deposit which will be applied to your final order and be charged $10 per every 8 oz of beeswax. We ask you give us about a week to complete your order and we will contact you when your candles are ready. We provide the cotton wicks!

  • Book with Araminta

    Schedule a reading or consultation with Araminta - Araminta is trained in Trolldom and Nordic Magic. They are a practicing folk magician and spåkunning. Readings must be booked to receive spellwork quote. Readings can be performed in person or online. Services that Araminta can be booked for: Spellwork Consultation, Rune Reading, Magical Practice Consultation. $55 for half hour, $80 for hr. When booked clients will pay a $55 deposit and charged any remainder at checkout.

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  • The Cunning Troll Cocktail

    The Troll Cunnings of Needfire have crafted a Cunning Troll Cocktail recipe just for you, using the magic of The Alkemista. Alkemista is an all-in-one infusion vessel that enables anyone to create & serve fresh, custom-crafted spirits at home or in a bar. Infuse, stir, garnish, sip, enjoy! Ingredients: 2 oz Ethan+Ashe Black Denim Infused Rye Whiskey 1 oz Cocchi Americano Alkemista Infusion Vessel 2 Dashes Artemisia Farm & Vineyard Quercus Oak Bitters Instructions: Infuse Ethan+Ashe Black Denim Infusion Blend in 750ml of nice Rye Whiskey for 24 - 48 hours depending on desired infusion strength. We recommend Ethan+Ashe's Alkemista Infusion Vessel. Fill a mixing glass with ice and measure 2 oz of Black Denim Infused Rye Whiskey. Gently pour whiskey over ice. Measure 1 oz of Cocchi Americano and gently pour over ice. Add 2 Dashes of Artemisia Farm & Vineyard Quercus Oak Bitters Gently Stir for 30 - 45 seconds and strain into a chilled coupe glass. Garnish with an Orange Twist

  • Five Plants for Ethical Folk Magic Smoke Cleansing

    As we deepen our connection to ancestral lineages, study plant magic, better understand sustainability and regeneration in our magical practices and have important conversations about appropriation in magic, many of us are looking for alternatives to burning Sage and Palo Santo. We’ve researched and stocked five plants that can be burned ritually in magic to help cleanse, purify, and protect that may be more aligned with your magical practice. We love these plants for ritual enhancement, purification, protection, and dream divination. Tjärved Long Tjärved "Fat Wood" or "Tar Wood" smoke wands. These are amazing clearing and cleansing smoke tools used traditionally in Nordic folk magic. The branches are sustainably harvested - when a pine branch dies, the tree sends the "fat" to the wood, which loads it with a slow-burning substance. These burn similarly to Palo Santo, a slow and fragrant burn. The smell is reminiscent of sweet yuletide and fresh pine. Mugwort Mugwort or Artemisia is known as a “dream weed” for its lucid dreaming magic. Many burn Mugwort to enjoy its sweet-scented smoke, and to induce and enhance potent dreams. Mugwort has long been used in Pagan and Anglo Saxon traditions as incense. Some also believe that Mugwort can improve psychic abilities. Legend has it, Mugwort can also be supportive to people who have been affected negatively by spiritual entities. Hang Mugwort over your bed, tuck some under your pillow or burn some in your bedroom before sleeping to feel its magic. Cedar Cedar has been a long revered ritual herb. Cedar was used for sacred temple doors and then burned during ceremony. Its magic is especially potent for purification and protection. Some believe that Cedar is a key to high realms and the magical otherworld. Burn Cedar in a space that needs to be infused with protective energies. Juniper Juniper smoke is known for its beautiful aromatic scent and its cleansing properties. It was used in ancient traditions for purification and cleansing. Burn Juniper on holy days or when the veil thins to contact liminal realms. Legend says that Juniper was also burned during outbreaks of the Plague to remove and cast out illness. Ranrike This incense is a reproduction of traditional Species Fumales incense, found in Pharmacopaeja Holmiensis Galeno-Chymica, published 1686. It was subsequently published in Pharmacopoea Suecica in 1775 and upon it’s 8th printing retitled Svenska Farmakopén in 1901. This recipe can be found in copies of Svenska Farmakopén until the 1930s. The complex aroma evokes memories of Swedish cottages in the 1700s. Contains warming notes of cinnamon & clove, juniper, bergamot, and a number of resins and herbs. Excellent for ritual meant to call in good spirits and loving ancestors. The inclusion of rose and lavender imbues it with properties of relaxation, so we recommend its fumes fill one's house just before bedtime in the deep of midwinter. Can be burned on coals or boiled in a pot for best results. Shop Needfire’s Collection of Incenses here.

  • Summer Magic Rituals

    Summertime magic can connect us with our own inner heat, flame, brightness, and sun. The Summer Solstice in the northern hemisphere took place on Monday, June 21st. Depending on your traditions, lineage, and place, you may celebrate the solstice, Litha, or Midsommar. Here are some ways to ritually celebrate the season of summer… Sun Gazing The Sun in its rays reaches over the surface of our strange and wild earth. Do you remember to look up and thank it for its brightness? The sun and the moon are cast in a cyclical journey and dance, which creates our days and nights, our seasons, and our ways of being. This solstice take a moment to practice a little sun worship. Find a sunny spot and sit under its warmth. Thank the sun for light magic, thank the sun for cycles, thank the sun for summer, when you’re finished bow in thanks and maybe leave a single hair, a stone, or a bit of dried plant matter as a thank you to the ground where you were present. Journaling Journaling can be a good way to celebrate the Summer Solstice. When we write we are channeling and connecting with our intuition. During the light of the solstice, what patterns can we explore that we didn’t see before? As we move through Cancer season how are we caring for ourselves and connecting to care as an idea? Cancer is the sign of the Zodiac connected with the nurturing side of ourselves. Write a love letter to yourself. Plant Magic Plants gathered during the summer solstice have a special kind of magic associated with them traditionally. If you’re looking for a bit of green magic, walk barefoot through the grass, sit for a minute amidst a grove of trees, lean your back against an Oak, gather Calendula, speak to Mugwort, plant a sunflower, or connect with St. John’s Wort. Conjure a Flame A ritual fire can be a beautiful way to connect with the Summer Solstice. Burn a bonfire and write wishes on bay leaves to offer to the fire. Write an intention or something to release on a piece of paper and offer it to the fire. Allow the flame of a candle to guide you to connect with your own inner flame. During this season of fire, how can we explore our passions and creative spark? Stare into the fire and ask for a message. There is no one correct way to connect with the energy of summer. Explore these ideas and create your own rituals. Shop our pre-sale for solstice-made Midsommar Vatten here.

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  • Troll Club | Needfire Apothecary

    Troll Club Join the Troll Club! ​ Starting September 1st we will be launching our Troll Club. For new witches and seasoned practitioners, this will be a resource to meet likeminded folks with a focus on candle magic. ​ The Regular Troll Club will receive Chime Candles or similarly small candles, created with intention and for particular ritual purposes. The Small Spellkit will receive an assortment of tapers, votives and short pillars. The Large Spellkit will receive an assortment of tapers and pillars. Join in Two Steps! STEP 1: Activate Your Subscription Subscribe Here STEP 2: Tell Us More! Join the Club Fill out the whole form and submit your purchase! *You will be