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Ritual Writing Workshop

with Kate Belew & Minta Karlsson

Four Week Class Beginning April 15th

7:15 pm Weekly

(Class with be Recorded for All Registrants!)


Words are powerful magic. Through storytelling, we can shift our own stories, heal, and move towards outcomes that we deeply want to manifest.

In this four-week course, participants will create their own story or poem inspired by fairytales and myths. Each week will build on the next until we have four pieces that makeup one larger work. 


The weeks will be focused on: 

Week #1: Creation of Character

Who is the main character of your story? Is it you? What is the mythic version of you? Who are you in the myth of your own life? 

Week #2: The Call to Action/Heeding the Call 

What compels someone to leave home? What can we find out when we venture into the great beyond? What can be discovered?

Week #3: Leaving Home and Facing Tasks 

Every fairytale and myth consists of tasks or quests. These symbolic actions can be taken from our own lines and imbued in the text. 

Week #4: Returning, Changed

When we return home, we have discovered something, something has shifted, what will we find?


Each week will be an hour workshop that will include storytelling, folktales, prompts, magical thinking, and structures to inspire from fairytales and myths. 

This series will be a spell within itself and include both writing prompts and practical magic exercises and instructions to ground the work. All levels are welcome.



$80 for 4 Weeks