• The Spiral Ring Notebook range of Traveler's Company has an updated look and feel and has new family members. This Window Envelope B6 Spiral Ring Notebook has proven to be a favorite and remains in the range.

    This Spiral Ring Notebook features 12 kraft envelops with a window, making it perfect to store and categorize all your crafty flat paper products and ephemera, like stamps, labels and stickers.

    Each of the kraft envelopes has a flap (so nothing can fall out when you carry around the notebook) and is spiraled into the black spiral ring. As a sort of tribute to the original range, Traveler's Company has kept the little details in the right-hand corner: an embossed pictogram of a bee. According to the design team, they see the bee, as it collects pollen from various flowers, as a namesake for this spiral ring notebook with envelopes.

    Window Envelope B6 Spiral Ring Notebook