• Carefully curated and assembled by in house folk magician Minta Karlsson, these spellkits are a great introduction to traditional candle magic. 


    Each spellkit includes:

    - 1 blessed beeswax spellcandle, made in the USA

    - 3-4 blessed herbs, hand picked for the spell intention

    - 1 vial of candle anointing oil, made by Minta Karlsson

    - Instruction cards and spoken formulas to help you work your spell


    Please contact us with any questions. Vegan candle options are availible upon request. Nothing in these boxes is intended for human consumption. 


    Box contents may vary. At this time we are offering the following spell workings:


    • Love: Attract true love into your life. Open and ignite the aspects of yourself that are most ready for love. (This is a love opening spell, and not intended to attract a specific partner.)
    • Luck: Get good luck on your side. Bless your life and path with good fortune.
    • Unblock the Path: Do you often feel stuck or are you just steps away from something you deeply desire? Melt away what locks you out.
    • Protection: This spellkit creates a strong layer of protection around the person or thing the spell is cast on.


    ***International customers - please email us for a shipping quote if you're considering an order!

    Needfire Apothecary Candle Spellkit

    Candle Intention

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