• We are now offering curated Trollboxes. Each is one of a kind, and will never be made the same way twice.


    Minta Karlsson assembled this particular box with beginner practitioners in mind. Based on the formula used for her custom spellkits, Minta hope to pull together the right set of tools to support someone endeavouring to deepen their practice. This kit is blessed and charged with rituals and contains the following:


    - Hand Dyed Silk Altar Cloth by Soil to Studio (not pictured)
    - Hand Carved Wooden Runeset by Greg Traxler
    - "Runes: A Deeper Journey" Signed Text by Kari Tauring​ (not pictured)
    - Mjölnir Pendant by Troll Cunning Forge​ (not pictured)
    - Ingwaz Antler Pendant by The Black Sagery​
    - 2 White Beeswax Chime Candles
    - 1 Blessed Orange Beeswax Chime Candle
    - 2 smoky quartz crystals, foraged by Karlsson in Sweden
    - Sachet of Salt and Cleansing Herbs (not pictured)
    - Dreamwork Ritual Bath Bomb
    - Vintage Brass Candlestick
    - Bottle of "Lightfoot Oil" (for anointing candles work)
    - Mugwort, Eucalyptus and Tansy Flower Smoke Wand
    - Fine Vintage Wooden Box


    This box comes accompanied by written explanations of all the products and how to's on using the box, by Minta Karlsson.

    $333 - shipping included.


    Will ship by 9/1.

    "Liten Häxa" Trollbox - Nordic Magic Starter Kit

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