Linden Flower tea (contains flowers of Tilia vulgaris). This delightful, legendary and honey alike herb blossoms once a year for an average of seven days, it continues to blossom even when it rains thus leaving less time to collect it, making it a tea to be savored with every sip.


EFFECT: golden tea, sweet and suitable for most moments and moods. The flowers contain essential oils, carotene, vitamin C. Useful for coughs, runny nose, stomach and intestinal cramps, diarrhea, nervousness.



--> vegan, vegetarian

-->hand-picked in organic wild meadows and forests of Northern Europe

-->ethical brand



!!GMO free


***Specifications*** White cardboard package with inner protection packaging, weight 0.044lbs. Dimensions 3.7'' x 1.9'' x 6.6'' (h).


Each PLŪKT tea is naturally colourful and aromatic because it is hand-picked in wild Nordic meadows and forests, where herbs are more concentrated. Then they are dried naturally by sun and wind energy.
Made in Latvia

Linden Tea - honey tea, certified organic Nordic herbal tea