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    Latin Name: Tilia europaea
    Common Names: Linden Leaf and Flower


    Linden Leaf and Flower, or Tilia europaea, is found in the temperate climates of Europe, Asia, and North America. Linden Leaves and Flowers are found in a variety of different species and each has been used therapeutically. The flower of the plant is the part that most frequently used for these preparations.


    Linden Flower and Leaf has been historically used in Europe and America for centuries for a wide range of complaints - mostly associated with its purported calming properties. The flowers are added to baths and  you'll still find Tilia europaea used in many herbal remedies today.


    Linden also has associations with protection against elves, vätte, and fae. 


    **All our bulk herbs are intended for folk magic and ritual. We do not recommend them to be used for personal use. We have heard that some customers may utilize them for tinctures, teas, etc - we expressly do not condone this. The government gets mad when you do this, and we would never want to make them mad.**

    Linden Leaf & Flower

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