Lady's mantle (tea contains loose flowers and greens of Alchemilla vulgaris) tea is a pure, tender and delicate Nordic herb which rise and shine at the time of Midsummer celebration. While having nearly 18 h daylight, maximum sunlight and tropical warmth, there couldn't be better conditions for Lady's mantle to grow. In Midsummer Nordic girls make flower crowns out of Lady's mantle, wash faces in it's collected water drops and run through the meadows, all of which can be savored in one small cup.


EFFECT: It is known for its anti-inflammatory, astringent, diuretic, metabolic enhancing, menstrual cycle regulating effect. Customers use for cleansing the body, inflammation of the respiratory tract, bronchitis.



--> vegan, vegetarian

-->hand-picked in organic wild meadows and forests of Northern Europe

-->ethical brand




!!GMO free


***Specifications*** White cardboard package with inner protection packaging, weight 0.066lbs. Dimensions 3.7''x1.9''x6.6''(h)
Made in Latvia

Lady's Mantle Tea - certified organic, herbal tea for women