In 834 AD, two ageing, high-ranking women were given a splendid ship funeral at Oseberg in the kingdom of Vestfold, Norway. The women were likely connected to a religious cult. DNA-studies have shown that one or both of these women may possibly have had partial origins in eastern Europe and that the youngest woman may have been aged between forty and sixty when she died. As a child, she must have seen the very start of a new era, where the ancient, Heathen and “barbarian” Norse customs of Scandinavia were first challenged by the surrounding world.

We are back at the very dawn of the Viking Age; The age of Charlemagne, Empress Irene and Harun al-Rashid, Ragnar Lóðbrok, King Sígurð Ring and Queen Ása. Most of Scandinavia is Heathen, tribal land, divided into several kingdoms and tribal confederations. The Viking (pirate) Rus have only recently settled in Aldeigjuborg (Staraya Ladoga) by the river Volkhov, and have begun harrying the neighboring lands for slaves and other trading goods to sell to the Khazars and the Arabs.
Thorbjörn, the last living member of the Thunder Priest clan, persecuted by the Svear kings, has found sanctuary in the Baltic river lands and begotten a daughter, Thordís, who is to carry on the legacy of their secret knowledge about Thunder.

And then the Vikings arrive… Orphaned, Thordís, the last Thunder priestess, embarks on a quest to save her half-sister Zivah from rape and slavery, befriending the most rogue and ruthless pirates in the known world.

Blade Honer: Book 1 - The Hammer of Greatness