Wunjo is the rune that lets me know I'm in or approaching a place of divine joy.

I try to find other words to describe it, but I always land in the same place. You know the feeling you get when you first begin to fall in love, sort of an uplift in your heart? To me, that's the energy of Wunjo - an experience so uplifting that it carries you upward.

Wunjo also speaks to me of certainty. Unlike Thurisaz, which I see as being a split in the path, a decision, an aspect of uncertainty, Wunjo tells me exactly where I am going. It is the opening of energy in the crown of my head. It is daydreams and sunlight.

It is hard to write at length about Wunjo, because it has so much feeling around it, and so few words. It's a bird on the wind, being carried by forces it does not understand. It is a sailboat on the perfect day.

Wunjo is easeful abundance.

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