When I read runes, I am sifting through all the stories that they evoke. Some of these stories are hundreds of years old and some of these stories more recent. They are a tool the brings stories to the surface, from which I glean bits and pieces of information.

This could not be more true with Thurisaz or Thorn.

The first story I read from a rune is that of its shape - not anything explained to me, but the shape and what it represents to my mind. It is important, for me, to give my mind the freedom of defining so that I am not simply pulling from someone else's stories.

When I see Thurisaz, I see a thorn but also the followers attached to it. I see a two paths. I see something that could be held in the hand, but from which on risks cutting themselves. I see an axe. I see a hammer.

I know from studying that Thurisaz relates to Thor and to the Juton Ice giants. I know that it represents instinct and quick reaction. It is of a primal place, or so we are taught.

I see more in the stories I know. I can't avoid seeing Sleeping Beauty, pricking herself on the spindle. And in that I see the stories of bargains and deals, and what it means to offend elves and spirits. I see the consequences that we are taught from fairytales, consequences of not knowing the way of the hidden folk or following the agreed upon rules.

I see bears in Thorn, and big beasts. And mountains coming out of the earth. Through that I see the giants sleeping in them. I see the trolls who are quickly turned to stone when the sun comes up. I see fear and I also see great strength.

Of course, I see Thor, with his hammer. So, I also see Thursdays, and farmers, and blacksmiths, and the common man. I see thunder and lightning, and rain in buckets. I see new growth after a long period of draught.

As always, I see myself in the runes, and different stages of life. I see in Thurisaz a child me, knocking over blocks, and I also see myself at twenty five, packing all my things and moving away from someone who means to control and hurt me. I see all the fear and all the courage of my life - all the split second decisions and sudden actions that carried heavy consequence should they not go as planned.

This is how I read the runes. I cannot share with you how I discern which story should be read and shared, when I am doing a reading. That is the sort of thing that is difficult to explain. However, the stories that should be shared, always find themselves at the top of the heap.

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