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The Winter Solstice

The word Solstice means 'to stand still, pause, a turning point'. The Earth's Axis, as it does twice every year, is tilted most closely to the Sun. For us in the Northern Hemisphere, we have our shortest days; and longest nights.

The observable sun has reached its lowest point of the trajectory (angle of rays) of the entire year. In this Eye of the Turning, when we mark and say to each other 'Happy Solstice!', the observable sun looks as though it has stopped in its trajectory through the sky. And then, a turning, as the Sun resumes its Northward Ascent.

The hype of '2012' having immediately come and gone in the world of 'Pop', do not forget that the center of the Galaxy is still in close alignment with our December Solstice Sun. And of course, a great conjunction in the observable sky of Jupiter and Saturn.

Take a pause, a standstill. Give praise to the Distant Sister Sun, our Binary of Legend. Connect to the Primal Orgone Energy in the Galactic Core. And in a day or so when we reach the Turning, Dance the Dance of Seven Time with the Pleiades, as the Sol Center in your chest Ascends with the Sun. Give Invocation to the Bornless (Headless) One, Orion.

And try not to go 'Tilting at Windmills' back here on Earth! Health and Luck to you All, as we inaugurate another Spin around the Sun!

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