Raido - Your Chariot Awaits

Where did you come from, and where are you now? These question came up for me this week, immediately after pulling my rune.

Raido - the wheel, the chariot, the rolling waves. Raido is the rune that tells the story of the road and the journey itself. Raido is a rune that also makes me think of the passage of time - what came before and how the experience of our personal journey stories changes us. What journey are you currently on?

It wasn't until I pulled this rune did it occur to me, I am much closer to the end of one of my journeys than I have ever been. I can remember when I was at the beginning... I think I can remember when I was at the beginning. When I reflect now, it seems like there were at least 4 or 5 beginnings. Or maybe there was never a beginning of the journey, there was just a path in front of me and steps that I had to take to get to here. Each small step bringing me closer to a future.

I speak a lot in paths. What path are you on? It's such a big question. When I practice magic, I see paths - different trails of potential that wind out in front of me like so many snakes. To me the practice of magic is sometimes just knowing which snake to follow to find the desired result. Or knowing which horse to ride to get where I need to go.

Although I'm not sure I can articulate the beginning of my own personal journey into magic, I can identify the steeds I've ridden. Each one is distinct, and the moment I chose a new steed, a new river of potential to ride down, I can see in my minds eye the moment we took our first step together.

It can be hard to write about these things without sounding like one is writing in riddles. I apologize for that. But, if you do understand what I am trying to say, I hope this clarifies for you a new method for pushing forward with Raido.

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