Perth - the dice cup. Luck. The cosmic joke.

I love this rune. We don't have evidence, so far as I know, of a definitive word being linked to Perth. But, we do know it's shape lends itself to meanings - a dice cup, a cave opening, the birthing canal, and opening.

When I am at my best, I feel immersed in this upper level understanding of this energy. When I think of Perth, I think of stepping through a doorway, onto a new path, with nothing but my own faith in the future. Perth is a reminder of the things I can't know, and the questions I shouldn't know the answer to.

Perth is the present about to be opened, holding infinite potential.

When I draw Perth, regardless of the runes that come with it, I see the rune smiling at me. I trust the direction it's heading, because it's new. It's unblocked. It's a river that has been undammed, spilling cosmic force into the universe.

Perth is the luck we inherit, from our family and from our actions. Perth is pure energetic newness. Perth tells us to let go, fall, allow ourselves to release control. This is something I'll be putting into practice this week.

I love Perth.

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