Yesterday was Santa Lucia Day, which for my Swedish family and friends really kicks off Yule Season. Santa Lucia Day is all about light in the darkness (Maria Kvilhaug discussed it at length in her class on Sunday, the download of which is still available for those who contact us.)

We're also in the midst of a Solar Eclipse and the movement of the moon in to it's dark phase. So, it was funny to me, to pull Kenaz as today's rune. I've been noticing so many internal changes myself, that it wasn't a huge surprise to be faced with the lessons and messages of this particular rune.

Kenaz looks like a very sharply angled "C" to me. It is one of the fire runes in the Elder Futhark - it often represents the torch or the light that knowledge sheds on a situation. I recall my teacher Kari explaining its relationship to an ulcer - that explosion outwards.

This feels particularly telling - I think many of us have gone through a Kenaz experience, with the pressures of the pandemic weighing down and forcing out some deep inner truths that we find ourselves contending with. I know that I have.

Connecting with that kind of truth, and seeing one's own insights laid out in front of ourselves is really challenging. I have found that I have had to accept some really big things about myself, some things that aren't pretty and I don't particularly like. But, that's the cost of opening your eyes to different situations - you don't get to choose what you allow yourself to be aware of, or you run the risk of not really seeing anything for what it is.

If you find yourself face to face with new insights, once that cause you to realize things, uncomfortable truths, then just take a moment to breath. Recognize that being able to acknowledge uncomfortable truths is an achievement in and of itself. Before you take your next steps, honor where you are in your process.

This year has been hard, but you have done a good job.

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