Folk Magic Gift Guide

Trying to find the perfect something for the folk magician or trollkunning in your life? We've done the work for you...

  1. Ritual Hand Broom by Familiar MKE

We love these hand brooms! Made in ritual by the witchy and wonderful proprietor of Familiar MKE, we consider these brooms to be incredibly special tools. In my experience, there are countless uses for a handbroom when it comes to folk magic and ritual, I include them regularly in the spells I write and perform. If you havent integrated this into your practice yet, I highly recommend it!

2. Hagstones

Give the gift of a Hagstone to ward off spirits, protection, seeing into the realm of the fae, fertility magic, healing magic, and to prevent nightmares. The gift of a Hagstone is for seeing beyond your normal perception. A great budget option and one that we are constantly have to restock!

3. Serpent Songs

Serpent Songs is an anthology of the voices of Traditional Craft: the words and works of those who remain untamed, cunning folk, exorcists, pellars, sorgin, witches and mystics. A collection of fifteen essays, Serpent Songs is introduced and curated by Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold through whose contacts we encounter the worlds of lone individuals and tradition holders, from both family and clan, and are allowed a rare glimpse into the workings of the more secretive practitioners of the Craft.

4. Naverstad Rökelse

This incense by our sister company Häxan is a reproduction of traditional Species Fumales incense, found in Pharmacopaeja Holmiensis Galeno-Chymica, published 1686. It was subsequently published in Pharmacopoea Suecica in 1775 and upon it’s 8th printing retitled Svenska Farmakopén in 1901. This recipe can be found in copies of Svenska Farmakopén until the 1930s. The complex aroma evokes memories of Swedish cottages in the 1700s. This incense offers incredible protective qualities, swirling one's home and self with layers of spiritual protection. It utilizes a number of traditional resins to achieve spiritual and mental soundness sought after by the most daring magicians and adventurous witches. Best results can be achieved using this blend on charcoal or in a stove.

5. Tjärved

Long Tjärved "Fat Wood" or "Tar Wood" smoke wands are an amazing clearing and cleansing smoke tool, used traditionally in Nordic folk magic. The branches are sustainably harvested - when a pine branch dies, the tree sends the "fat" to the wood, which loads it with a slow burning substance.

6. Traveler's Company Leather Notebook

Our favorite tool at Needfire for keeping a magical record. Set your intentions, track your practice, and use it as a journal. You can insert maps, tickets, and three-folded A4 size papers inside. The structure of the notebook is simple, and its simplicity makes it easy to customize. Please choose your favorite refills that include notebooks made of various papers, zipper cases, and pockets. You can paste stickers on the cover of the notebook and add charms on the bookmark or the rubber band to personalize your style.

Let us know if you need any help picking out a gift for your magic someone! Check out these products and more of our choices in our Folk Magic Gift Collection!

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