Feeling Fehu

Who else needed a little relief? What can I say about today's rune pull, Fehu...

Fehu is the first rune in the Elder Futhark - in fact it puts the F in Futhark. It is, fairly obviously, related to the letter F. The most commonly excepted meanings for this rune are wealth, abundance, domestic animals, and finance.

Fehu is meant to look like the cow, who is so important to Nordic cultural myth structures. In the stories of the worlds' creation, Audhumbla the cow travelled across the sky from the stars, leaving a trail of milk behind, and feeding Ymir. Cows also populate lore through the huldrafolk, magical women often with cow tails, who regularly interacted with humans for better or worse.

Fehu also is the first part of the name of the twin Vanir god and goddess, Frey and Freya, and I often associate it with carrying their stories. When I see Fehu embodying Frey, I think about his association with good harvest, and the abundant rewards received from a season of hard work. And the same with Freya, the idea of fertility, love, and abundant feminine energy. Neither concept comes without work.

I'm reminded, too, of the warnings Fehu carries. How does finance and abundance impact relationships with family and friends? Am I being impeccable when it comes to that relationship? Am I straightforward and transparent? Am I generous?

This has been a hard year for Fehu, and certainly in the context of Needfire, sometimes I feel like I'm riding in the Little Engine That Could. Despite all odds - a pandemic, opening a retail store, pausing our tours to Sweden, constantly pivoting and assessing - surviving. That feels like fehu energy to me, luck and security in the face of hard work.

I also think of my family when I think of fehu - don't I always? I suppose that's what comes from being embedded in an ancestrally driven practice. In particular I think of my great grandfather, who came from a small village in Småland, Sweden. Småland is known for dairy cows and farmers, and he sure was a good farmer. He could grow rose bushes on rocks, people say.

That kind of hard work embodies Fehu to me. And I feel a lot of strength when I pull it - reminders of the stock of people I come from, the hard working farmers that came before me. And that I, too, am growing something.

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