Eiwaz is the rune that indicates to me a situation where I should push ahead.

I always see the Yew Tree in Eiwaz, but not just for it's mythical connection to the Tree of Life. When I think of Eiwaz I think about looking off into the distance, and spotting something, only the edges of which I can make out. For me, Eiwaz is about having some faith in your training, you intuition, and something beyond yourself.

To me, Eiwaz is tension. This is a feeling I recognize, a casual occurrence in my life. However, Eiwaz warns against too much tension. Bowmen, able to shoot great distances, know that their bow cannot be strung too tight nor too loose. This is the same with stringed instruments - I recall when I was young and learned to play violin, the valuable lesson of tension. Strung too tight and all you are counting on to hold together snaps, and you have to start again.

This is an important lesson for me. I push myself to these great lengths every day, to perform, to produce, to catch up to an unending to do list. However, when I don't make time to release and stop pushing, I snap, and my body makes the decision for me to take a break.

I know many are in this position as well. That is why the lesson Eiwaz holds is so important - trust. Trust the process. Trust that what you don't get done today will not destroy your progress. Trust and breathe deeply, do not miss the moment around you.

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