Budget Witch Gift Guide

For something small and sweet, we have just what you’re looking for as a Witch on a budget. Whether it’s a token for a ritual, a candle, or a charm, Needfire keeps the shelves stocked. All $10 or less. <3

1. Hagstone

Give the gift of a Hagstone to ward off spirits, protection, seeing into the realm of the fae, fertility magic, healing magic, and to prevent nightmares. The gift of a Hagstone is for seeing beyond your normal perception.

2. Skeleton Key

Skeleton keys are as multifunctional as hagstones! Typically we recommend using them either as a spirit trap or a spell component, however some witches even use them for protection! We've just restocked and look forward to sending you the perfect skeleton key.

3. Stubby Chime Candles

These candles are the perfect candles for spellwork. Each one is 100% Beeswax chime candles. 4 inches tall, burn beautifully. Approximate size and burn time: 4" x 1/2" 2 hours. Candles are made by hand, please allow for variances in colors.

4. Lycka Till Trollbags

Give the gift of luck. Troll Bags are traditional charms made of bags filled with blessed magical items in the Trolldom tradition. The Lycka Trollbag contains a proprietary mix of blessed herbs created to attract luck and open the path for the person carrying it. Troll Bags are meant to be carried on one's person.

5. Irish Turfpeat Incense

You don't need a big fancy set up to burn these beautifully reminiscent peat incenses. You simply need slate and flame, and house will begin to fill with the smells of a traditional irish cottage.

6. Magic Hat Beeswax Candles

A cute and practical tool for any witch, we absolutely love these as stocking stuffers! They come in three colors, and are handmade in the USA.

7. Antler Tips

Spell components are a great choice for the budget witch, but why not think outside the box? Naturally shed antler tips carry fantastic energy and are incredibly useful in spell workings - for grounding, connecting to particular intention, and spirit work.

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