There is a special magic in ansuz. The mouth, a river, the opening from which our words flow out into the world. For very things are so important to a practitioner than their words.

Words, of course, have the utmost power. They shape and wind. Our language, the words we use and how we use them, it is no great secret that through the action of speaking we begin to shift the very reality that we are embroiled in. And yet, how often do you examine your phrasings? How often do you speak aloud important truths, if only to make a space for them in your existance?

Most people that I meet spend quite a lot of time rolling over their truths, their intentions, and what they wish to manifest in their minds. However, they never let these thoughts go, but rather keep them close like a parent with a grown child - a child who is ready to make their own way in the world. In this, they do themselves a disservice - they do not allow their magic to make it's own way in the world, and bring them results.

I challenge you, reader, to speak those truths, those dreams, and those spells into a new existence, and sit quietly as you observe your results.

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