Algiz - A meditation in älgar

Like any tool, divination is about personal associations. We use lore and layered meanings to reveal truths, but ultimately what matters is the strength of that association within us.⠀

When I pull Algiz, I think first of the elk. And it is true, it is often referred to as the elk rune. However, our understanding of what an elk is differs greatly from the concept of älg in Swedish which is the moose as Americans understand it. Since learning to speak, myself, I’ve found that internal association shift. I no longer see the elk herds, but rather the moose. The great king of the forest. ⠀

The most famous imagery of the moose in Sweden is from Sagan om älgtjuren Skutt och lilla prinsessan Tuvstarr, The story of Skutt the moose bull and the Little Princess Tuvstarr. The imagery is classic, and even in America it is likely you are familiar with it - a tiny princess atop a great moose. While the story winds in different directions and creates many cautions for those wandering into the world of magic, it also presents to us solid associations for the moose.⠀

The moose is a great ally. For me he represents strength, divine masculinity, and a connection to the magical world. However, there is an implied exchange and balance. Much like Freyr put down his sword to marry his Jötun wife, a movement toward wildness and a softening of traditional masculine power, so the moose must kneel so the princess can climb onto his back.⠀

It also evokes for me associations with The Chariot in tarot lore. This idea of something supernatural that carries us forward. Do we hold on tight, and allow it to protect us and carry us? Or do you climb off, and run the risk of being enveloped by the world of magic and transfixed by it’s wonder? ⠀

What is your spirit ally in grounding in protection as you travel through worlds, life, and in particular these times where happenings feel chaotic and overwhelming. What creatures are capable of carrying us, that we can call on? In what ways can we find a partner in our journey?⠀

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