A Time for Isaz

As I continue to work on this series of rune pulls and reflections, I am regularly impressed with how applicable their messages are.

For example, today I pulled Isaz - this is the rune most often associated with ice. Isaz tells a story of people living in cold climates. How does one walk when they are met with ice underfoot, so they do not fall? If you have ever walked on ice, you may know the answer already. Slow and awkward steps keep us upright when we cannot gain traction on what is below.

Whenever I see Isaz, I am reminded - slow down. It tells me to tread carefully. That something may not be as it seems, and it is time to use my sensitivity and quietude to get deeper with my understanding.

Leading into this incredibly charged election cycle in the USA, I needed to see Isaz. This past week has felt full of upheaval and calls to action. I feel now the truth of this rune - it is time to pause, to slow down, to breathe and shuffle forward with purpose.

Isaz is also about alignment to me - it is the spine. It is important to keep a straight spine when you're moving across the ice. To me this also speaks of impeccability, of awareness and thoughtfulness. A straight spine is an open and unblocked connection between the magic above and below oneself. How brave must we be, to hold alignment amidst the chaos around us? What does it take to stay in a place of steady recognition of all possible outcomes, without toppling?

Isaz reminded me today to meditate on this, before stepping into the world as it will be tomorrow. There is a quiet today, almost a held breath, as I sit in my chair in Portland, Maine. So much will happen in the coming days... And I will do my best to stay in alignment.

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