A Note for November 3rd and the Future it Heralds

Today, I’m not allowing myself to be afraid about what may come.

I don’t know what comes next. There is a future where I may grieve or celebrate. Where I may feel strengthened or depleted, but today I will not be afraid.

It’s time to find strength in grounding in the things that came before us. We still exist. Despite hundred of years of persecution, punishment, and death - death for simply believing in elves and spirits, practicing our craft and doing what we were born to do - we are here and we exist.

If I need strength to get me through whatever may come, I’m going to try to remember that. I exist. We, as a magical community, exist.

And we’re growing.

Do you ever think of that? Consider the countless iron-fisted regimes that tried to kill us. I mean literally, they tried to destroy us, make us invisible, call us wicked, cast us out, and erase evidence that we ever existed. Or even in more modern times, we were medicated, locked away, mocked and abused, all because we saw something beyond the reality people were comfortable with.

It didn’t work. We’re not gone. We exist.

In fact, not only do we exist, but our numbers are growing. Despite it all, every single thing thrown at us, we remain. We kept our secrets and truths. Our neighbors and communities didn’t forget us, even if they thought we were strange.

We had always been there, longer than those who would see us erased. We exist.

So, instead of being afraid, I plan to hold myself up straight. I am exactly the person I’m supposed to be in this world, right now, in this time, in this version of history. I will stay clear and aligned. It took hundreds of years to create a time where I can be here, open, queer, a self sufficient femme, a folk magician, and an unapologetic liver of truth.

I exist, who I am will always exist and will continue to exist, no matter what comes next.

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