A Nordic Witch's Gift Guide

If someone on your list is looking to connect to Nordic magic this holiday season, this is the gift guide for them. Connecting with Nordic traditions is a good way to tap into ages of ancient knowledge and magic. Your häxa will appreciate your Troll-savvy.

  1. Blessed Candle Bundle

This Blessed Candle Bundle was created on October 31st, which was a very special day. Charged in ritual under the blue Hunter's Moon, the second Full Moon in October, Samhain, Álfablót, and Halloween. These mixed bundles of chime candles carry enhanced and fluid intentions. This bundle was blessed by Trollkunning Minta Karlsson by calling in the support of protective spirits to innervate and activate a number of sacred objects and boxes. These are limited and rare, enchanted in the auspicious pools of winterside moonlight.

  1. The Seed of Yggdrassil by Maria Kvilhaug

From the Needfire Library, this book is the most comprehensive guide to Norse literature, historical folklore, and more. Kvilhaug peels back the layers of the Eddas, Poems, and Sagas to reveal hidden truths within. Maria’s background in research and philology is visible throughout with full illustrations, timelines, and beautiful translations of passages providing the key to unlocking and deciphering the hidden wisdom within. Her exploration of modern interpretations, past parables, and related cultural mythos provides a deeper layer into the mysteries of Old Norse practices.

2. Trolldom: Spells and Methods of the Norse Folk Magic Tradition by Johannes Björn Gårdbäck

It is rare to find a book in english that shares any information on the folk magic of Scandinavia. This book is an excellent addition to any library - Gårdbäck artfully reveals the nuance and traditional craft of Trolldom. He dives into the unique history of Trolldom, both in the Nordic countries and how it moved into the United States, shining a light on how the truth of a time, from religion to popular belief, heavily impacts a magical system. He also goes to great pains to translate a treasure trove of historical spells. This book has only recently been printed in a beautiful hardcover, and is a fantastic glossary for any Nordic witch.

3. John Bauer Tarot Deck

John Bauer (1882-1918) was one of the most appreciated Swedish artists of the early twentieth century. His artwork, contemporary to Pamela Smith's, brought to life a world of sweet and dark myth and folklore, where faerie tales blend with pre-Rafaelite suggestions. These wholly unique cards are defined by their unique combination of warmth and whimsy, bringing the tarot practitioner into contact with a unique experience of spirit. A wonderful guide for the Tarot lover or fairytale lover on your list.

4. Ranrike Rökelse

This incense is a reproduction of traditional Species Fumales incense, found in Pharmacopaeja Holmiensis Galeno-Chymica, published 1686. It was subsequently published in Pharmacopoea Suecica in 1775 and upon it’s 8th printing retitled Svenska Farmakopén in 1901. This recipe can be found in copies of Svenska Farmakopén until the 1930s.

5. Handmade Runeset

Runes have always existed as an important part of Nordic magic. Made by Greg the Woodworker, partner to our dedicated teacher Kari Tauring, the love that goes into them is palpable. We particularly love using them for reflection work, as they are the perfect size to hold in one’s hand and sit in contemplation.

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