A Magician's Gift Guide

Have a Western Mage in your life? We got you covered ...

Lucifer: Princeps

Lucifer: Princeps is a seminal study on the origins of the Lucifer mythos by Peter Grey. A serious study for any serious Magician in your life!

Slither Oil

Cedar, Narcissus, and a hint of Pennyroyal; to be used as anointing oil in consecrations of self and object in rituals sacred to snakes.

Home and Heart Cleansing Spell Bottle

Magick is energy intensive and can leave one feeling drained after intense operations. This potently charged spell bottle will assist the practitioner in cleansing the heart and the home space where it resides of spirit residue or lingering effects.

Hagstone Necklace

A very practical tool for any very practical mage. It offers general protection and looking through the stone enhances spiritual vision. A down to earth monocle.

Copper Alkemista Infusion Vessel

For the Magician in your life who drinks (we are Legion!), this infusion vessel is handsome, and easy to use. Toss in some herbs, roots, etc. sacred to your operation and you have a powerful potion for inducing an altered state of consciousness!

Black Denim Infusion Blend

This blend of Clove, Vanilla, and Spice is sure to inspire a passion for tincturing and infusion in any Magician curious in getting started!

MD A5 Grid Notebook - 3 Pack

Magicians love Grid (Graph) paper for the purposes of keeping a magickal record that also serves as a planning ground in the composition of complex seals and signs that can result from spirit contact. No frills and gorgeous, beautiful, blank grids!

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