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Reap what you sow, so the saying goes.

Jera puts me in the headspace for planting - I'm not much of a gardener, but I think of Jera in terms of the greater concept of planting. When fertility abounds it is the time to engage and deepen your relationship to fertility and the dance it does with harvest.

Do you know how to identify the right time to act? Whether that be the time to plant or the time to reap, how confident are you in your intimacy to that cycle? For a farmer, of course there is a reliance on the seasons, but there is also a learned intuition gathered from years of experience and reflection. I've known farmers who wait for weeks for the exact right morning to start their planting season for a certain crop - and it is not simply a date on a calendar.

In the world of magic and magical timing, I've noticed there are seasons, too. I find the longer I work within a folk magic practice, the more I'm moving with the energy of cycles. It seems like a current around me, that I've begun to notice more fully with every passing month or year.

Some rely heavily on the cycles of the moon and the seasons to plan their magic. I find they play a part, but in my recent experience have existed more as trail markers - "you are here," says the winter snow or the full moon.

My mind is on planting today, although Jera is equally the rune of harvest. It is the rune of impeccable timing, above all.

What in your life should be planted? What is ready for harvest?

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