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Norse Spirituality: Aligning with the World Tree w/ Kari Tauring

  • Arcana 81 Market Street Portland, ME, 04101 United States (map)

Rune shapes, sounds, and postures combine with visualizations of the nine worlds of Norse cosmology in this exciting workshop by völva, Kari Tauring. We will explore the postures of the Younger Futhark as body shapes with toning of each rune. Through active visualization, Kari will guide you on a journey through the cosmological world tree. Raise energy through the body then join hands and move in a Nordic way as we hum an ancient circle dance. This workshop is for everyone who is curious about the cultural pathway of Norse spirituality.

Kari Tauring carries the staff as a Nordic root musician, cultural educator, and spiritual leader from Minneapolis whose work in reconstructing the völva, or staff carrying woman's tradition, has a global audience. Her thirty years of knowledge and practice of runes, Norse cosmology and metaphysics, ancient poetry and traditional folk music and dance combine to create a whole and healed root of Nordic spiritual practice from the very ancient times into the immigrant era of her Norwegian grandparents.

Advance Tickets $20
Tickets at the Door: $25
Space is limited.