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Nordic Folkways of Easter Week

with Kari Tauring

March 24th, 7 pm EST

(Class with be Recorded for All Registrants!)


In Nordic countries, Påskeuken (Easter week on the Christian church calendar) holds traditions with ancient origins. Come explore the Easter witch, pussy willow whips, and how to protect the iron implements of summer time work (sheep shears and garden tools). 


Easter is a moveable feast based on the moon and vernal equinox. Each day from Palmesøndag (Palm  March 28th) to Påskdagen (Easter Sunday, April 4)  has a name with special work, foods, and rituals associated with it. We will explore each day as it has been practiced in Norway, Sweden, and Finland. You will understand the practical and agricultural reasons behind these traditions, apply them to our modern lives, and receive recipes and craft ideas to make with family and friends!


Join us to discover the layers of meaning and folk traditions at Påskeuken!

Kari Tauring is a Nordic root musician, cultural educator, and spiritual leader from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Raised in a Norwegian American extended family, Kari began studying runes and Norse mythology and cosmology in 1988. She pioneered the Nordic root spiritual system called Völva Stav (the staff carrying woman's staff) in 2003 and began teaching it in 2006. A somatic system that locates Norse cosmology and mythos within the body and expresses this through staff rhythm, breath, and voice using, four workshops through Needfire Academy lay the groundwork. Her musical recordings, rune book, and other writings available on



$20 Drop-In - $16 for Troll Club Members.