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In the old magic traditions and stories of long lost witches, spells were created and craft was learned. It was rare for a practitioner to gather the spells of others, and truly powerful magic workers built their own formulas.


In this course, Kate Belew and Minta Karlsson will take you down a path of self discovery. What are your stories? Where does your river of creativity emerge from? Students will be encouraged to explore, ask questions, take risks, and embrace their inner witch. In addition, special focus will be paid towards spellwork that deepens one's connection to an ancestral practice and personal magic - building an altar, honoring those who came before, and calling in support, protection and abundance all by way of writing.


On alternating weeks Kate will lead the group in spellwork writing exercises to begin working the well of creativity. Minta will lead the class through simple practical magic, bringing a focus towards grounding creative work and building a healthy foundation. Both teachers will discuss and expand on topics of spellwork, ancestral magic, altar building, story building and drawing power from words.


All levels are welcome. There will be some basic knowledge shared as well as information drawn from both of the teacher’s professional practices.


January 21, 2021 7 pm EST

Session #1: Kate Belew Poetry + Spellwork, How Creative Writing Can Help Connect You to Your Magic.


January 28, 2021 7 pm EST

Session #2: Minta Karlsson Practical Application - A quick introduction to using spellwork at home surrounding ancestral magic and overview of tools.


February 4, 2021 7 pm EST

Session #3: Kate Belew Altars of Words, How to Use Language to Shift Intentions and Build Altars


February 11, 2021 7 pm EST

Session #4: Minta Karlsson The Physical Altar. What is an Altar? Reclaiming the practice and centering it as a shared space for invited ancestral spirits.


February 18, 2021 7 pm EST

Session #5: Kate - Personal Myth + Folklore, How We Can Tell Our Stories in a Magical Sense


February 25 2021 7 pm EST

Session #6: Kate Belew & Minta Karlsson Redefining self and adjusting with ancestral practice - applying learned creative writing tools to spellwork to call in ancestral spirits and have meaningful conversations.


$20 Drop in or $100 for the 6 class Bundle.