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Needfire is a resource for ethical folk magic; whether that be through educational experiences, tools, coaching, or community. This dedication of intention is resonated through our offerings to you.

To mark the "Winter Side" of late 2020 and early 2021 we are dedicating the dark months to the idea of deepening practice. There are so many ways to deepen a practice, but none so important for all level of practitioner as The Magical Record.


What is a Magical Record? 

A magical record is simple - it is a means of tracking one's own magic practice, experiences, and results. While it is one thing to cast spells and live with intention, it's another thing altogether to record, learn, and grow from that intention.

How do I participate?

Needfire will be posting weekly prompts across our social media platforms every Friday until the Spring Equinox brings us to the Summer Side of our calendar. We will also be highlighting journals we love, in the shop, and sharing our own journey of our staff's magical records.


The prompts will be created with the intention of easy actions and reflections one can do to deepen their craft and give themselves ownership over it. They will ask you to think critically, interact with your body and the natural world, and come to your own conclusions about your work. In addition to public prompts created and shared with everyone, we will also have more in depth discussions in The Troll Club, for those who wish to deepen their practice with our ethical folk magic online community.

What will I get from participating?

Well, besides a genuine deepening of your practice, if you follow all the prompts and the actions we mention in our posts about them (post, tag, share & follow,) you will be entered into a contest. At both the Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox we will pick a participant at random to win one of our Lövjeri Master Herbalist Kits. You can join in at any time, we just ask you follow the prompts (which will be archived on this page) and follow the rules of participation for each one.

When can I start?

The first prompt will go live Friday 9/25, and prompts will be posted every Friday following! They will also be archived on this page!


#1 - 9/25
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