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Magic Survivalism

Mystical Tips for Surviving the Apocalypse
with Peter Mercury

February 14th, 1 pm EST 


Magical Survivalism is a one-hour workshop in magical emergency preparedness. Participants  learn how to use magical practices to aid in survival situations and how to manifest a magical  future.  

Topics Covered:  
- Bug Out Bag Construction: how to build an emergency go-bag like a witch.  
- Living in the Liminal: harnessing chaos and uncertainty as sources of power.  
- Doomsday Divination: choosing the appropriate divination tools for your doomsday needs;  
includes lesson on pendulum usage, tarot spreads for the end times, and a deeper dive into  select tarot archetypes for insight and embodiment.  
- Magical Scavenging: finding treasure in the trash of the past.  
- Apocalypse Protection: tools, symbols, correspondences, and charms for staying safe.  - Survival Knot Magic: learn to tie enchanted survival knots.  
- Surviving the Elements: working with elemental energies in the wilderness.  - Spells for the Climate Crisis: incantations and actions for coping with climate catastrophe.  

Included Materials: 
- All participants will receive a paper copy of the Mercury X Zine  “Bug Out Bag Companion Guide: An Optimistic and Slightly Mystical Guide to Surviving the  Apocalypse.” This will be included in their ticket price, and will be delivered via snail mail. Those who register within a week of the class will receive the guide prior, but it is not required to have it on hand.

*** All participants will also receive a PDF containing workshop-specific information, including a  complete overview of all sections covered, significant notes, tables, images, spells, and all  materials presented in the workshop. ***

Peter Mercury is combining 20 years of witchcraft practice, public speaking, and environmental  activism to present this workshop to complement their self-published “Bug Out Bag Companion Guide” zine. Peter’s mystical studies began in childhood, and flourished while studying witchcraft in Salem, MA  under the guidance of multiple renowned teachers, where he educated thousands of patrons every  week on the history of magic at The Salem Witch Museum. As a performing artist, their work has been  featured in The New York Times, The Boston Globe, i-D Magazine, Boston Spirit Magazine, and Glamour  

$20 Drop-In - $16 for Troll Club Members.