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Intro to Herbalism

with Bekah Krise

A Three Part Class Beginning May 23rd

(Class with be Recorded for All Registrants!)


This course will cover introductory principles of herbalism, accessible to a beginner.
Workshop 1 ( Sunday May 23rd, 10 am EST - 1hr)
Basic Principles- In this course we will discuss what an herbalist is, who can become one, and why plant based healing is a human right. Participants will gain an orientation to the many branches of plant based and folk healing modalities. This course will give an overview of the history of herbalism and why it is important. We will cover existing herbalist community resources and participants will be given a suggested reading list.
Workshop 2  (Sunday June 13th, 10am EST - 1 hr)
Ethics and Community Standards- In this course we review the ethics of herbalism. We will discuss how reparations make us better herbalists. This course will cover the concept of “rooted craftwork” and is designed as an experiential learning workshop. Future purchase of this video course will include the information to replicate this exercise.
Workshop 3 (Sunday June 27th, 10am - 1 hr)
Myths & Materials- In this course we will cover potential costs associated with herbalist study and ways to learn those skills at a lower price point. We will discuss container gardening and ways that herbalism can be practiced by those who already feel stretched thin with time, money, space, and spoons.

These courses will cover introductory principles and ethics of herbalism, as well as resources and materials recommended to begin your journey into plant healing. Course includes a recommended reading list.

$60 for 3 Weeks!