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Herbal Tea Rituals in Asia

with Grace Yoon

March 4th, 8 pm EST

(Class with be Recorded for All Registrants!)


Herbal tea culture dates back to 2000 BC and has become a deeply meditative ritual for people all over the world. Grace Yoon, Founder of Qi Alchemy, a Korean herbal line, explains the history of tea, the different types of tea ceremonies in Asia, and the various spiritual philosophies that have influenced tea ceremonies in China, Japan and Korea.


In this workshop, Grace will:

- Introduce Eastern philosophy like Taoism and Buddhism which has been an integral part of Eastern medicine 

- Share a few easy-to-make herbal tea recipes and tea etiquette in Korea 

- Lead in a Korean tea ceremony so everyone can participate with your favorite hot cup of tea.


We will also gift everyone a sample of Qi Alchemy's herbal pearls and herbal root tea!


About Grace:

Grace Yoon is a certified holistic health practitioner, Korean herbalist and Founder of Qi Alchemy, a Korean herbal line dedicated to providing transparency and high quality ancient Eastern remedies to the modern world. Drawing from her own heritage, Grace comes from a generation of farmers and a practitioner of Eastern medicine. This has provided the foundation in her knowledge of herbal and traditional Korean medicine and plant–based nutrition.


Grace maintains a private holistic health practice specializing in Korean wellness. She integrates Korean herbs and fermented superfoods to help individuals incorporate nutrient-dense foods into their daily lives. During her spare time she enjoys foraging edible plants and flowers near her family farm in Paju, Korea, practices Qigong, and studies Eastern philosophy. You can learn more about her business at



$20 Drop-In - $16 for Troll Club Members.