Custom Spell Kits

Many witches want to take spellwork into their own hands, but just don't know where to start. Our custom spellkits include a consultation, in which we discuss the situation and desired results.


Using small batch products and vintage packaging, no two spellkits are the same. They are entirely tailored to the client. The often include ritual supplies, sigils, ritual bathing products, smoke wants, anointing oils, and candles. 

Simple: A basic intention setting spell or ritual. Typically includes a blessed candle, bundled herbs, vial of oil and sigil.

Ritual: More advanced than our Simple Kit, the Rituals are a great choice for anyone. They include more supplies and instructions, and are popular for beginning to work with ancestral spirits or focused spellwork.

Altar: We can customize and design an altar set up for you, intended for a  regular practice and includes candle holder, cloth, stones, candles, and smoke cleansing supply, along with other custom aspects. 


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