February 2 marks the fixed date of the Christian holy day called Candlemas. It is 40 days after the birth of Jesus and dedicated to the purification of Mary, a postpartum ceremony. There is a lot of birthing happening on the farm at this time. Goats and sheep are in postpartum and the milk is coming in for the babies. Chickens, who ovulate on the sun cycle begin laying eggs around this time.


Candlemas can fall within the second Jul month called Bone Marrow Sucking Month or in the moon called Thorri, the son of old Snow in the Old Norse calendar. 

This is a day to bless the next half of winter's candles. 


The following day is St. Blaise and we can use these candles to heal throat conditions. Miller's Primstav Calendar says that on Candlemas "farmers check the fodder in the barn. Half of the winter's supply had to be left of it would not last the rest of the winter." 


A "semi-secular" holiday in America is Groundhog's Day brought to us by the first German immigrants. If it's a sunny day and a shadow is seen, the groundhog retreats in fear and hides for six more weeks of winter weather. That would cover the two moons named for snow in Old Norse - Thorri son of Snow and Gjø his daughter. As a skier I always hope for sunshine on this day!


The goddess/saint Brighid is celebrated in these days. It is a fire ceremony. I will sing my original song to Brighid for you!


The Primstav Day after Candlemas is Blowing Mass February 3 This is the day to use two blessed candles for healing throats by the power of St. Blaise the Bishop. Ansuz and Odin appear in the area of the throat.


In Finland the month of February is called Helmikuu or Pearl Moon. The sun is warm and melts pearls of ice down icicles. It could also be pearls of white wax dripping down the blessed candles or the  pearl of the moon in the sky surrounded by frozen mist moving slowly, blurred by sauna steam coming off my nose.


CANDLES - By this time the supply of candles made from tallow in November are down to the stubs. It's time to gather the stubs and create new candles. I think this is why they are gathered up by one of the JulLads. Maybe we got some bees wax for a present during the many gift giving days of the first Jull month! We can add new wax to the old or start fresh if there is enough.


Join me for songs, poems, and throat blessing ceremony! Bring your two candles if you wish.


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