Spellkit Ritual Introduction Series

Class Length - 45 min


In this series students will learn the basics of candle magic, with the tools to create a ritual at their disposal. Our signature Trollkatt spellkits will be provided for each student before live class, and allow students to ask questions and use it as a jumping off point to design their own ritual. 


About the teacher

Araminta Karlsson is a trained Swedish Folk Magician and Klok, and former student of Johannes Björn Gårdbäck and Kari Tauring. Araminta has a deep love for candle magic and believes folk magic is a great resource for anyone inspired to learn more about it. 


Series will include:


Thriving $50 (2/5)

What is thriving magic, and why is it important? Thriving spellkits are our most popular, and it’s no surprise - setting intentions to thrive through candle magic can be fruitful and a great place to start. We will discuss what thriving magic works and how to navigate it internally for best results.


Protection $50 (2/12)

Protection magic can be a powerful ally - but how do you approach it without bricking yourself in? Often we find folks overcast protection, at times to their detriment. Learn good rules of thumb with protection rituals and utilize this class as a jumping off point for future spellwork. 


Cleansing $50 (2/19)

Cleanse often! There’s nothing wrong with a nice deep clean, and a magical deep clean is even better! In this class we will talk about different cleansing tools and techniques. 


Road Unblocking $50 (2/26)

We tend to prefer unblocking the road, rather than calling something new in. There’s an implication with unblocking magic that the results already exist, and a path simply needs to be uncovered. We believe that a makes for better results, and in this class we will discuss that, as well as different ways to modify your spell. 


Spirit Contact $50 (3/5)

For some, spirit contact comes easily. For others, whether it’s due to a blockage or simply a disconnect, spirit contact can be a challenge. In this class we will explore how the spellkit can help ground and open one to spirit contact.


Luck Draw $50 (3/12)

Luck can be a fickle thing, and in some traditions it’s seen as something you have, can add to, and can diminish. In this class we will talk about luck, and explore how to best approach the underappreciated art of building and testing luck. 


Love Draw $50 (3/19)

This kit is a great precursor to our glamour magic series and an incredibly multifaceted kit. From first glance, it seems simple and one note - however love draw magic can be dynamic and does not apply to simply romantic love and future partnership. Explore interesting ways to engage with love magic!


Each Class Includes an Accompanying Spellkit

Bundle the classes and save $100