Glamour Magic Spellkit Series

1 hr classes

$75 per class, kit included

$200 for bundled series


In this series students will be introduced to glamour magic, the art of ritualizing what you project in the world and how the world perceives you. Glamour magic has been utilized for centuries, although it is often diminished and thought of as vain or superficial. However, glamour magic can be a fantastic tool for self care, self love, and can support natural masking that neurodivergent folks find themselves engaging in every day. 


Each class will be accompanied with a kit, and Araminta Karlsson will lead students through a series of discussions and answer questions related to the art of glamour magic. This class is suitable for any person of any gender who is willing to use skincare products or make up from time to time. 


Attract (2/10)


Attraction magic is not just for love. We can attract all kinds of good things and people in our live, the art is in the asking. Most of us have an inherent ability to attract, and typically we get in trouble when we don’t know how to use it - a lot of folks attract without realizing, and can cause patterns of pain and suffering. We will learn good ways to track results and set intentions in this class. 


Enchant (2/17)


Who doesn’t enjoy enchanting from time to time? There are times in our life where we simply want to lead with our best foot forward, without feeling a wave of social exhaustion. In this class we will talk about rituals to help imbue this, and ways to make the most out of the Enchant kit. 


Influence (2/24)


Win friends and influence people, right? Well, I don’t know about you, but that takes a lot of energy. In this class we will discuss and utilize the Influence kit, and explore how best to enhance our influence on the world around us with magic. We will discuss how to weave intention in, and how to track results. 


Protect (3/3)


Makeup can be a shield in many situations. In this class we will find ways to enhance the protection we often feel from the way we paint our faces. This is suitable for anyone who feels drawn to it - the focus will be on the magic, not the makeup, and we will also discuss how to imbue your makeup with added magic. 


Each Class Includes an Accompanying Spellkit

Bundle the classes and save $100