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Bindrune Workshop

with Minta Karlsson

March 1st, 7 pm EST

(Class with be Recorded for All Registrants!)


This 1.5 hr workshop will explore one perspective of the creation and use of Bindrunes. Minta Karlsson will lead students through a brief discussion of the Elder Futhark, and practical ways of utilizing those meanings and shapes in a way that one can enhance their own spellwork and intention setting. Join us for a creative discovery of an alternative to sigils influenced by Nordic Magic. Students should have a cursory understanding of the Elder Futhark - feel free to take our Rune class for an introduction!

- Learn a basic method of constructing bindrunes.
- A comparison to the practical utilization of sigil magic, with a basic explanation of one method of creating sigils.
- Methodology in integrating the symbol into practical magic work.
- Brief history of the use of bindrunes.

Join us and deepen your practice and study of Elder Futhark Runes!


$30 Drop-In - $24 for Troll Club Members.