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Befriending New Runes

with Kari Tauring

16 Younger Futhark Runes in 4 sessions 

Mondays April 24th, May 3, 10 and 17 at 7 pm EST


Let's build a relationship with the Younger Futhark! These 16 Younger Futhark runes were used in Iron Age Norway around 800 CE. It is a very elegant system. Each rune starts with a stav or staff, a vertical line. In the body, this is the spine! Each letter can be made by one body either sitting or standing. So it makes a great silent and distanced way of communicating, perfect for masked and distanced times! 


Embodiment - We will start each session creating these runes with our bodies and learning their names. Sounds and breath and movement helps us learn them by heart. Because Covid does not allow us to dance together and create two-stav Elder Futhark runes with our friends, the Younger 16 have become even more important. We will learn "Komme Alle" runic invocation and show it as a solo dance for "dancing alone together."


Visual Creations - Blank cards, poster boards, paper or Popsicle sticks. Magazines, glue or tape, wood burning tool, pencils and sharpies. Your home work each week is to do the 16 rune stretches every day and create visuals throughout the week of your experiences with each rune. By the end of the month you will be amazed at how deep your relationship can go with these delightful runes. 


Teacher Bio:

Kari Tauring began studying and practicing the Elder Futhark in 1988. She has written books, made songs, and traveled widely to learn and teach. She is currently teaching these Nordic folkways and her original spiritual system,Völva Stav (2003), from her home of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Kari was first introduced to the Younger Futhark through Ivar Hafskjold family tradition of Stav ( in 2006 through her South Minneapolis neighbor Peter Laudert. Tauring joined Laudert in forming North Star Stav to explore the inter-sectionality of these two stav systems. They brought visiting teachers such as Mikki Tracy from the East Coast school of Graham Butcher to Minneapolis several times. Tauring continues to embody and sing runes while skiing, dancing, and world tree stretching!




$80 for 4 Weeks