Image by Nathan Dumlao

Needfire Wellness & Apothecary is committed to offering high quality supplies, information, and learning experiences for magic practitioners. The Needfire team believes that magic practice is an internally enriching and transformative endeavour that can look very different dependant on practitioner. We make every effort to offer a range of knowledge and products for the practical witch, magician, or otherwise.


Needfire pays particular care to offering opportunities for learning and practicing nordic folk magic and folk roots tradition. We host educational experiences, including several online workshops by Kari Tauring and live workshops in and around the Portland, ME area. 

In addition to our domestic workshops, Needfire has collaborated with Johannes Gårdbäck , author of Trolldom: Spells and Methods of the Norse Folk Magic Tradition, to offering immersive travel experiences and magic workshops in Sweden starting Summer 2020. 

Needfire Wellness recently expanded to offer an online esoteric apothecary, spellwork and magical resource shop. Initially spell kits, materials, books and runesets will be offered, with inventory expanding to herbs, supplements, and more in the near future.