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A Tree That Reaches the Sky

Folk magic and charming in Hungarian folklore

with Miklos Kispal

January 31st, 2 pm EST / 7 pm GMT


During this class, Miklos Kispal, a Hungarian native cunning man and folk magic practitioner will introduce the listeners to the beliefs and magical practices of his country; a relatively undiscovered tradition. The lecture will focus on the history and practical aspects of the craft in the region, how the previous beliefs affected and got mixed with Christian ideas and the belief system of surrounding nations. 

It is important to understand and focus on the ritual year, celebrated differently compared to Western traditions. The second main topic will focus on the charming tradition, consisting analogic magic and the most frequent types of oral charms.

Miklos Kispal was born in Budapest, Hungary in the early 1990s, with a deep love for nature and the spiritual traditions of the World. His interests in folklore and folk magic led him to study different magical paths, consisting of British traditional craft and Eastern-European folk magic and witchcraft. His studies led him to his teacher, mentor and friend, Johannes B. Gårdbäck, a renowned author and practitioner of Trolldom, the Nordic folk magic system, whom he studied from and assisted for a long period. By studying different schools and paths, it helped him to understand and compare the similarities and differences found in European magic traditions. 

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