Tarot reading is a centuries old tradition used by mediums and psychics to channel past, present, and future. It is a collection of occult knowledge (hidden wisdom) that can also be used as a diviniatory tool, and often employed to help one see more clearly a situation at hand.

All readings are currently being offered online only. 

Katy Swallow - Tarot Reader & Medium

Katy Swallow is a tarot reader, psychic, medium, reiki practitioner, and mage, with a multi-disciplinary approach to just about everything. She hails from a family with a variety of intuitive gifts, and a long connection to the land. She has a special love of cartomancy, and incorporating ritual into the work of spiritual and emotional healing. Magick is a powerful healing tool and Katy loves to explore divination, herbalism, energy work and folklore, to help people find their own paths to healing and greater well-being.

She found her mediumship gifts unnerving, as a child, but has grown to love and appreciate them for their ability to give people closure and connection. She first picked up a deck of oracle cards nearly thirty years ago, and the joy of discovery she finds in a deck of tarot or oracle cards is something she loves to share with students. She delights in connecting with spirits in nature and making magick from natural objects.


Her work often focuses around topics such as intergenerational and personal trauma, addiction, challenging relationships, ancestor work…and pesky, lingering spirits who have overstayed their welcome.


In addition to more esoteric practices, Ms. Swallow holds a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science, a surprisingly useful skill set in relation to her work

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