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    • Practical Moon Magic

      We all experience influence from the moon. However, are you thriving from that relationship? Are you able to note the patterns in your energy and spellwork based on the movement of the moon? Do you treat the new and full moon like a holiday, or have you immersed it into your daily life? In this class we will talk about using the moon as a compass for tracking your own best times to engage in spellwork, how to track finances using the moon, and embrace lunar flow. We will discuss nordic lunar folklore and various belief systems, and consider our own relationships with lunar magic. $15 for regular registration, $5 for Troll Club Members. *Attendees who register before 10/25 will be entitled to one month free of Troll Club.*

    • Jul Fest: The Second Jul Month

      Wassail and Wandering, caring for the orchards in Juletide. Juletide literally means the time of Jul. Christianity observes 12 days of Jul or Christmas and the last of the Icelandic Jul lads leaves on January 6. In Norway we have 20th Day Knut on January 13 by which time the tree must be thrown out of the house. But in the Old Norse calendar there are two Jul months. December 29 is the full moon of the first Jul moon and the second Jul moon starts on the new moon January 12. So the big Juleblot (Sacrificial Ceremony) is on the first full moon after the new moon after Winter Solstice...January 28th.

    • Jul Festival: Krampus Kick-Off

      In German tradition, Krampus kicks off the Jul season on December 5th with the arrival of St. Nicholas not far behind him on the 6th. A horrifying thing to look at, Krampus may steal naughty children, ruin food, or scare the infirm into death. We will explore the roots of this tradition and its manifestations in Scandinavia such as the Wild Hunt and Julebukking. Learn some ways to achieve blessings, or at least go unseen. You will need: Ruten (bundles of birch), Cow Bells, and Schnapps.

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    • Jera

      Image credit Carl Larsson Reap what you sow, so the saying goes. Jera puts me in the headspace for planting - I'm not much of a gardener, but I think of Jera in terms of the greater concept of planting. When fertility abounds it is the time to engage and deepen your relationship to fertility and the dance it does with harvest. Do you know how to identify the right time to act? Whether that be the time to plant or the time to reap, how confident are you in your intimacy to that cycle? For a farmer, of course there is a reliance on the seasons, but there is also a learned intuition gathered from years of experience and reflection. I've known farmers who wait for weeks for the exact right morning to start their planting season for a certain crop - and it is not simply a date on a calendar. In the world of magic and magical timing, I've noticed there are seasons, too. I find the longer I work within a folk magic practice, the more I'm moving with the energy of cycles. It seems like a current around me, that I've begun to notice more fully with every passing month or year. Some rely heavily on the cycles of the moon and the seasons to plan their magic. I find they play a part, but in my recent experience have existed more as trail markers - "you are here," says the winter snow or the full moon. My mind is on planting today, although Jera is equally the rune of harvest. It is the rune of impeccable timing, above all. What in your life should be planted? What is ready for harvest?

    • Feeling Fehu

      Who else needed a little relief? What can I say about today's rune pull, Fehu... Fehu is the first rune in the Elder Futhark - in fact it puts the F in Futhark. It is, fairly obviously, related to the letter F. The most commonly excepted meanings for this rune are wealth, abundance, domestic animals, and finance. Fehu is meant to look like the cow, who is so important to Nordic cultural myth structures. In the stories of the worlds' creation, Audhumbla the cow travelled across the sky from the stars, leaving a trail of milk behind, and feeding Ymir. Cows also populate lore through the huldrafolk, magical women often with cow tails, who regularly interacted with humans for better or worse. Fehu also is the first part of the name of the twin Vanir god and goddess, Frey and Freya, and I often associate it with carrying their stories. When I see Fehu embodying Frey, I think about his association with good harvest, and the abundant rewards received from a season of hard work. And the same with Freya, the idea of fertility, love, and abundant feminine energy. Neither concept comes without work. I'm reminded, too, of the warnings Fehu carries. How does finance and abundance impact relationships with family and friends? Am I being impeccable when it comes to that relationship? Am I straightforward and transparent? Am I generous? This has been a hard year for Fehu, and certainly in the context of Needfire, sometimes I feel like I'm riding in the Little Engine That Could. Despite all odds - a pandemic, opening a retail store, pausing our tours to Sweden, constantly pivoting and assessing - surviving. That feels like fehu energy to me, luck and security in the face of hard work. I also think of my family when I think of fehu - don't I always? I suppose that's what comes from being embedded in an ancestrally driven practice. In particular I think of my great grandfather, who came from a small village in Småland, Sweden. Småland is known for dairy cows and farmers, and he sure was a good farmer. He could grow rose bushes on rocks, people say. That kind of hard work embodies Fehu to me. And I feel a lot of strength when I pull it - reminders of the stock of people I come from, the hard working farmers that came before me. And that I, too, am growing something.

    • Reflecting on Mannaz

      It sometimes feels as though the happenings of the world are relentless, particularly after such a year of intensity, and now finally, change. As always, I had no expectations going into my weekly rune reflection, and so I was both equally surprised and unsurprised to pull Mannaz. Mannaz is a rune that tells the story of community. It also speaks of home, the human home - manaheim. As you may see, in the center of Mannaz sits Gifu, the concept of reciprocity and gifts given and received. It is bond together and held up by two Isa, the ice rune, steady and reliable. We see a story of great care taken to hold the gift of connection. I think for a lot of readers of my blog, community has perhaps shifted in meaning over the last year. We're stuck inside, and caught up in our small family units, or entirely alone. We might feel isolated, or find we are intensely seeking the essence of community. All this coupled with the divisive disconnect of opinion, ethic and moral extremes, and amplified by the distance that the imperfect virtual community of Facebook has created - it can feel like too much. This is also the time of year where community becomes a craving, even in the most accommodating of years. (And this year hasn't been especially accommodating, truth be told.) I know that I personally haven't gone so many months before without travelling to see family, both domestically and abroad. Most of us have holiday celebrations that require community: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Yule, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Solstice... the list goes on ad infinitum. So, what do we do? Well, mannaz gives us at least a clue as to how we might proceed. What experiences are available that create an exchange based on two or more people holding themselves in the present, for one another? I personally have found utilizing zoom more and more has begun to make a difference. I've also been trying to prepare myself for future exchanges. I've been studying Swedish language more, in hopes that I might find myself in a situation in the not too far future where I will be with my Swedish community of family and friends again, surrounded by the love and groundedness that brings up for me. I also have been trying to prepare gifts and crafts that I might be able to exchange from a distance, something made by hand, that offers me a connection to my parents and my family across the US. It's funny this rune came up, as a Needfire we've also been trying to answer the question of "how do we maintain the feeling of community, without being able to spend time in groups?" Community is at our core, and we've developed our Troll Club and Jul Fest in a short time. Troll Club is unique community of ethical magical practitioners looking to share and discuss their craft, and feel a part of something. Jul Fest is an online series we're launching with our favorite teachers, in hopes of creating experiences that allow our internet community to feel a part of something fun and uplifting. The funny thing is that, when I start to think about a future where we are allowed to mingle with friends and strangers again, I think about how exclusionary that might feel after a year of online festivals and talks geared towards inclusive connections. Will we really be able to limit festivals in the future to in person participation, or will that feel in some way exclusionary? It's an interesting thing to muse on. In an effort to bring this blog entry to a close, I leave you with this question - who is in your community? What would you like to see from your community, and how would you like to be met by other community members? What's missing? What needs haven't been filled? And are you making an effort to fill those needs in others?

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    • Magic Apothecary | Needfire Wellness & Apothecary | United States

      A Needfire is an old story. It is the kind of fire you use flint and steel to start. You must tend to it, care for it, build it. It is a ritual. It is an expression of will. ⠀ We are a brick and mortar in Portland Maine, but we are more than that. We are a community of folks who love and live ethical folk magic. We are a troll club. We are an apothecary. We could not be more excited that you're here on this journey with us. NEEDFIRE APOTHECARY SWEDISH MAGIC TOURS TROLL CLUB NEEDFIRE ACADEMY FOLLOW NEEDFIRE APOTHECARY ON INSTAGRAM

    • Häxan | Needfire Apothecary

      The folk magic of the Nordic region calls to us through ancestral whispers. We study it, revel in the remnants left behind, and invoke its practices through study and magic. Häxan is created out of deep study and appreciation with hopes that it will inspire those who work with its products to deepen their practice and to enter the world of Trolldom. Häxan is a new collection created in collaboration between Johannes Björn Gårdbäck and Minta Karlsson. Through this collection, Needfire aims to revive and make available traditional tools of Nordic folk magic, referred to as Trolldom. Häxan is a part of Needfire's commitment to ethical folk magic, and anyone who practices such can find tools for their magical practice that they will find relevant and supportive. Trolldom is the folk magic in Sweden and the rest of the Nordic region. We pay particular attention to maintain a throughline from Pre-Viking to the modern age (early 1900s), and includes products that have survived the test of time in folklore. Gårdbäck is native to Sweden and has dedicated the last 25 years to preserving and teaching Nordic folk magic. All Häxan products are directly informed by Gårdbäck's work and research - much of which can be found on his website - - or his book, "Trolldom - Spells and Methods of the Norse Folk magic tradition". Karlsson is an apprentice of Gårdbäck and a student of Völva Kari Tauring, and CEO of Needfire LLC. Karlsson works to turn the raw material and vast knowledge provided by Gårdbäck into elegant and accessible Nordic magic materia for Häxan customers. Häxan plans to release their products Fall 2020, including Vätteljus, Terra Sigillata, Recreations of Traditional Scandinavian Apothecary Incenses, to name but a few. To get the first news of new products, fill out the form below to be added to our special mailing list! Quick View Naverstad Rökelse - Swedish Apothecary Incense Price $5.50 Quick View Wesslunna Rökelse - Swedish Apothecary Incense Price $5.50 Quick View Naverstad Rökelse - Swedish Apothecary Incense Price $5.50 Quick View Wesslunna Rökelse - Swedish Apothecary Incense Price $5.50 Interested? Join the mailing list and be the first to hear about new Häxan products. Submit Thanks for submitting!

    • Tarot | Needfire Apothecary

      THE ART OF TAROT Tarot reading is a centuries old tradition used by mediums and psychics to channel past, present, and future. It is a collection of occult knowledge (hidden wisdom) that can also be used as a diviniatory tool, and often employed to help one see more clearly a situation at hand. ​ All readings are currently being offered online only. Tarot Reading - 15 Minutes 15 min 40 US dollars $40 Book Now Tarot Reading - 30 Minutes 30 min 65 US dollars $65 Book Now Tarot Reading - 45 Minutes 45 min 90 US dollars $90 Book Now Tarot Reading - 60 Minutes 1 hr 120 US dollars $120 Book Now Practical Moon Magic 15 US dollars $15 Book Now Horn Ceremony 15 US dollars $15 Book Now Book an Appointment 15 min Book Now Jul Festival: Krampus Kick-Off 15 US dollars $15 Book Now Jul Festival: Julefrid 15 US dollars $15 Book Now Jul Fest: Santa Lucia and the Jul Lads 15 US dollars $15 Book Now Jul Festival: Norwegian Folk Practices 15 US dollars $15 Book Now Jul Fest: Wool Work for Mother's Night 15 US dollars $15 Book Now Jul Fest: Mother Night 15 US dollars $15 Book Now Jul Fest: Making Incense for Magic 15 US dollars $15 Book Now Jul Fest: Dipped Candles for Yule 15 US dollars $15 Book Now Jul Festival: Celtic Rituals 15 US dollars $15 Book Now Jul Fest: Solstice, Spellwork & Writing 15 US dollars $15 Book Now Jul Fest: Holiday Feast for the Birds 15 US dollars $15 Book Now Jul Fest: Plan Your Year with Tarot 15 US dollars $15 Book Now Jul Fest: The Second Jul Month 15 US dollars $15 Book Now Katy Swallow - Tarot Reader & Medium Katy Swallow is a tarot reader, psychic, medium, reiki practitioner, and mage, with a multi-disciplinary approach to just about everything. She hails from a family with a variety of intuitive gifts, and a long connection to the land. She has a special love of cartomancy, and incorporating ritual into the work of spiritual and emotional healing. Magick is a powerful healing tool and Katy loves to explore divination, herbalism, energy work and folklore, to help people find their own paths to healing and greater well-being. ​ She found her mediumship gifts unnerving, as a child, but has grown to love and appreciate them for their ability to give people closure and connection. She first picked up a deck of oracle cards nearly thirty years ago, and the joy of discovery she finds in a deck of tarot or oracle cards is something she loves to share with students. She delights in connecting with spirits in nature and making magick from natural objects. Her work often focuses around topics such as intergenerational and personal trauma, addiction, challenging relationships, ancestor work…and pesky, lingering spirits who have overstayed their welcome. In addition to more esoteric practices, Ms. Swallow holds a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science, a surprisingly useful skill set in relation to her work

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