An offering to the forest...

Something a bit fun while the veil is thin. We recommend doing this with a friend present.

What you will need...

- Wood shavings or our Ranrike Rökelse Incense Blend

- Red Beeswax Chime Candle or Red Stubby Taper

- Breton Sea Salt, or other Sea Salt

- A tray to create a small altar on

- Snake Skin

- A Song

- An offering of food, honey, or something shiny

- A Candlestick

- Juniper Smoke Cleansing Wand or Tjärved

The intention of this spell is to create a good connection with the nature spirits where you live. Needfire cannot recommend further work with nature spirits, however were one to use this spell with that intention, it would be a start.

Find a place on the boundary between wilderness and civilization. For some that would be a yard on the edge of the wood, others might go deep into a camping place. Unless the reader is skilled in magic, we recommend not doing this during a camping trip. In our experience, it can be challenging to get a good night's rest outdoors, immediately following this working.

Light a fire, either a small one in a new ceramic bowl or a small ritual bonfire. Add half the wood shavings our incense to the fire. Cleanse the site of the ritual with your smoke cleansing wand. Pick up your candle and carve your own name in it 3 times around the side. Place on the candlestick, in the center of the tray, and sprinkle a circle of salt and incense around the edge of the candlestick into a complete circle. Speak the words:

As I stood on the edge of

the world of humans

I saw the faces of those

who inhabit these woods.

They spoke out to me,

but I had heard the stories

and knew that these creatures

were nothing to be trifled with

I asked the old women,

who guarded these woods

what to do

and what to say...

The first woman handed me

a rose thorn candle

more beautiful than

I had ever seen.

"Affix yourself to this rose,

and it will protect you,

whatever may come."

The second woman handed me

a wand of fir

a sturdy staff

strong and tall.

"Hold this staff when you speak,

and it will protect you

whatever may come."

The third woman offered salt

and wisdom.

"Make clear your boundary,

bring gifts,

do not go where they ask you to follow,

Say "No," if they ask you to join them.

Keep your wits about you."

And so I went

To the edge of the world of people

To speak to the spirits

that live in the trees.

Light the candle, say the words:

So long as this candle burns,

so shall this link be open,

and when it is blown out,

so shall this work be released.

As the fire is burning, speak out to the forest spirits. Explain why you are there, and offer them the gifts and a song. Sing out loud to them. (In fact, speak everything out loud.)

You may have a conversation with them. Do not agree to stay with them if they ask you to, but let them know you are willing to speak with them as long as the red candle is lit. Let it burn as long as you want. They may blow it out if they are finished - if you want to prevent this, find a lantern to put the candle is that is more protected from wind than a candlestick.

I recommend using this opportunity to express good will and friendly neighbor intentions. However, do what you will with it.

When you are finished, blow out the candle, or if you just want to pause, snuff it out without blowing it. Use the lit juniper wand in one hand to clear yourself and your campsite of any lingering spirits afterwards.

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